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latest news

Are you ready for Record Store Day 2014?

It’s finally here! The holy grail for vinyl lovers everywhere – Record Store Day. This event spreads over continents allowing music aficionados to trawl through unique musical treasures.

We’ve been working hard on picture discs, vinyl, CDs, limited edition copies, re-issues, new releases, exclusive remixes, we covered them all! Now the time is ripe for them to take centre stage on record store shelves fulfilling your every music desire.

Super fast typing powers and paranormal time management skills were used during the manufacturing process of those releases. No account manager, artworker, supplier, client or delivery man, was harmed or driven insane…we hope!

Some of the releases we worked on:

John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest, “Ancient Waves” EP 12″ [Cherry Red Records]

Luke Haines Lou Reed / Jeff Starship, “Superhero” 7″ [Cherry Red Records]

Pete Molinari, “Look To The Wind / Girl Called Mine” 7″ [Cherry Red Records]

Kitchens Of Distinction, “Extravagance” EP 10″ [Cherry Red Records]

Maximo Park, “On The Sly/Random Regrets” 7″ [Daylighting]

Temples / Jagwar Ma, “Shelter Song/Man I Need” 12″ [Heavenly Recordings]

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, “Head On/Pill” 12″ [Heavenly Recordings]

John Tavener, “The Protecting Veil” LP [Bella Union]

John Grant, “Gets Schooled” 12″[Bella Union]

Toy, “Join The Dubs” LP [Heavenly Recordings]

The Wave Pictures, “Helen” EP 10″ [MoshiMoshi]

David Lynch, “The Big Dream” Remix EP 12″ [Sunday Best]

The Flaming Lips, “7 Skies H3” LP [Bella Union]

Infectious, “5 Years of” LP [Infectious Records]

Throwing Snow, “Mosaic VIPs” 12″ [Houndstooth]

Jamie Lenman, “It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman / All The Things You Hate About Me, I Hate Them Too” 7″.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Magic Castles, Split 12″.

Edwyn Collins, “Georgous George” LP + CD.

The Wedding Present, “EP 4 Can” 10″.

Brad Fiedel, “OST : Terminator 2 Judgement Day” 7″.

Kode9 & The Spaceape, “Memories Of The Future” 2LP.

Roddy Frame, “Surf” LP.

Roddy Frame, “Western Skies” LP.

Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell, Junior Tamlin “Five Man Army” 12″.



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“Let’s Discover Music” helps labels and distributors to promote their best releases

“Let’s Discover Music” is a new consumer based music promotion set up by ERA, BPI and AIM in association with the John Peel Centre for the Creative Arts.

The campaign  promotes four genres during an eight week period, they are: Classical, Jazz/Blues, Folk/Country and Indie/Alternative (2 weeks per genre).

This is an opportunity for all labels and distributors to submit titles they believe would benefit from increased retail visibility and promotion, giving the public the opportunity to discover new music they may not have heard before.

The promotion also supports the John Peel Centre: labels will be asked to donate 10% of the purchase price per CD sold as part of the campaign to the John Peel Centre on products sold from the 30th September until the 30th November.

For more information about the campaign follow the link.


You can’t hug a download

Last week the IFPI published the Digital Music Report revealing that physical product like CDs and Vinyl still counts for 51.4% of the global music revenues.

Despite some industry folks who feel the physical is “a dead format walking”, actually CDs, vinyl, and even tapes are “holding up much better than anyone could have predicted five years ago,” citing the words of Max Hole, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group International.

The supposed lack of interest around physical product is probably due to the fuss generated about streaming services and online music libraries. This is distorting the real music industry scenario where physical still plays a lead role holding 68% of the total revenues for the UK recorded music market. (Kantar figures Q4, 2013)

We don’t intend to bring up once again the unnecessary “Physical versus Digital” debate, as far as we’re concerned there’s no dispute, they’re both on the same side: music!

We’d like to re-set the spotlight on the father of music formats – Vinyl. It might play a minor role in your life or you don’t get the chance to listen to it as much as you’d like or used to, but no one wants to kill daddy prematurely right?

And let’s be honest, in a world that goes forward by looking back, where “vintage” is synonymous with “cool”, the physical format is a hard one to let go, and let’s not forget the quality debate where vinyl still rules!


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How controversial can album covers really be?

Everyone needs a little controversy – it spikes people’s interest and increases sales, right! Take album covers over the years, some covers have been banned or reissued for various reasons like nudity and questionable vulgarity. For some Artists it was art, for others artistic freedom, for the more cynical amongst us a publicity stunt and others sheer bad luck!

Meat the Beatles. Yesterday and Today, their 1966 album, saw the Beatles present themselves as menacing smiling butchers, complete with raw beef and dismembered baby dolls, nothing new to us now! However, the powers that be felt the image didn’t sit well with the Fab Four’s squeaky clean persona leading to the label reissuing the album sleeve. If urban legend is to be believed, the image used was the only picture the label had to hand of the Beatles!


The interesting fact about The Beatles’ cover, and the majority of covers that have been changed, was that none of the images were legally prohibited from being published, and actually, were all printed and re-adjusted later in response to negative public opinion.

Even today there are album covers that are considered controversial, which proves an image still has the power to impact in a positive or negative way. Album art is, and always will be, a fundamental part of music packaging.

Follow the link to discover the most popular altered album covers.

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