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latest news

Invada Records – Drive/DROKK

For those unaware, Invada Records is a rather ace independent label (co-founded by Portishead member Geoff Barrow) that has steadily built itself a reputation for showcasing the finest in non genre-specific experimental music. Invada have two stunning forthcoming releases, and we’re proud to say we manufactured both!


The internet is buzzing with excitement at the news that the original soundtrack to Drive will be released May 21st on vinyl. Featuring original music by Cliff Martinez, and songs by the likes of Desire, Chromatics, and College & Electric Youth, the soundtrack has become something of an instant cult classic. When the official soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn’s hit 2011 film Drive first came out, it raced to the top of the iTunes album charts, hitting No. 4 within a week and peaking at No. 35 on the Billboard Top 200. Available for pre-order now, the soundtrack will be released in three stunning editions: black 180g heavyweight vinyl, pink vinyl and picture disc. Each one is pressed over two discs (that’s four sides) and all come in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, which contains images from the motion picture.


Due for release on May 1st, DROKK: Music Inspired by Mega-City One was written in a six month period between Geoff Barrow’s Portishead world tour and Ben Salisbury’s various composing jobs for the BBC. DROKK is Barrow and Salisbury’s personal, outsiders’ interpretation of the fictional city that 2000AD’s Judge Dredd calls home. The majority of tracks were created exclusively on the Oberheim 2 Voice Synthesizer (a 1975 classic keyboard), which means that even for electronica, the music is often purposefully stark, reminiscent of a classic Vangelis or John Carpenter soundtrack.

To listen to ‘Justice One’ from DROKK, click on this.
To pre-order Drive OST on vinyl, step this way.

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