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about key production

Key Production (London) Ltd is a music manufacturer with 25 years experience. Our service suite includes vinyl pressing, CD manufacturing, DVD replication, merchandise, project management and bespoke packaging for the music industry. We commit to deliver, within budget and to deadline, professionally conceived and beautifully realised products.

Since 1990 our team has grown and developed nurturing a customer-centric service, a standpoint we cherish, preserve and consider a core asset of our company. Over the years, the relationships our experienced staff has built up with suppliers, both in the UK and worldwide, have allowed us to negotiate, establish and maintain the best available balance of quality and value.

In 2011 our merger with Think Tank Media, luxury packaging experts, enabled us to deliver an even wider array of products with bespoke service to all our clients.

Read our customer testimonials, give us a call and join the many who've chosen Key to unlock the potential of music manufacturing.