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Hey Emma, The Open Tomb records arrived today. They look and sound great. Thanks once again for all your help with this! It may be a few months but I'll definitely be back with more orders! Cheers, Andy
Dry Cough Records    12th August 2014

Yes the vinyl look and sound amazing, really chuffed! Thanks x
See Monkey Do Monkey    11th August 2014

Julia, Thank you and your team so much for the support you've given over the final stages of this. It's the first time I've ever do anything like this and you guys have made this part a breeze. Kind Regards, Russ
The Wolf Choir    07th August 2014

Hi Emma, Sorry for the delay! The CD's are look great! Many thanks for all your help with everything. All the best.
Leo Appleyard    04th August 2014

Hey Emma, Just a note to say that the clear vinyl arrived yesterday - it looks great, thank you :)
Rattlepop    01st August 2014

Whoop! @colinclyne albums have arrived just in nick of time! Big thanks to @KeyProduction for helping us get these turned around so quickly!
Fat Hippy Records    24th July 2014

@KeyProduction - a big thank you to Emma and the team at Key Production from O.D. Records for their first vinyl release!!
O.D. Records    23rd July 2014

Hi Jack, CDs arrived in good time this morning, very happy with all you have done at your end, start to finish.
Alex Wood    21st July 2014

Jack dear it did and it looks marvellous.
Rare Noise Records    18th July 2014

Dear Kerry, They are absolutely great, we are thrilled with them - they look and sound amazing!  I am really sorry not to have emailed you beforehand, it was such a busy end of term. Please thank everyone involved as they really are fantastic, great job! Have a lovely summer, Best, Abi
Abigail Nott    17th July 2014

Hi Emma, I am very happy with the quality of the CDs. They certainly look the part and people like the overall design. Lets hope they like the music too! Best wishes and many thanks, Paul
Paul Woodhouse    15th July 2014

Hi emma, the totes just arrived and look spot on, thanks!
Brille Records    11th July 2014

Hi Emma - the cds all arrived - they look fab (the album has already got a 5 star album choice of the month in fRoots magazine!)  - thank you so much for your help.... I will want to get them pressed up again. Thanks, Naomi
Naomi Bedford    10th July 2014

I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out. Thanks!
Rattlepop    09th July 2014

Hey Emma, Just a quick one. Got my product sample of the Algo vinyl yesterday. The whole thing looks bloody incredible. Thanks so much for this. It may have taken a while, but its come out fantastic. Thanks again!
Invictus Music & Media Ltd    03rd July 2014