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Hi Paul, Yes I received them on Monday afternoon - all looking fantastic and everything in it's right place. Thanks so much for doing such a good job with them. Look forward to working with you again. Best, Josh
Josh Fuchs    06th October 2016

Hi, yes I did, they look and sound great - thank you very much for your focus on getting this done by the rushed deadline that was our making, that meant a lot to us and well definitely use you again when this batch sells out or the difficult second album happens! we will recommend you as well. Many thanks again, king regards, Steve
Steve, Litter Mouth, Taunton, Somerset    03rd October 2016

Hi Kerry, [...] Thanks very much for fulfilling the order. We're very happy with the pressings, thank you! :) All the best
Adam Warne, KYROS // KMG Management, London    27th September 2016

Hi David, We've just received the 2,000 CDs and have looked at a few and they look brilliant - the quality is superb! We've also listened to one of the album's through, which sounds marvellous. Sarah and I are so happy with the product and would like to thank all of the team at Key Production, especially Adam Saunderson and Steve Christie who assisted with our order and always provided a very professional service with fast responses. Please also pass on my thanks to the Reprographics team, as I am delighted with how my booklet designs and photographs have turned out! We look forward to working with you again for any of Sarah's future releases. :)
Alison Munro, Management for Sarah Munro    09th September 2016

Hi Jack, Just to say thank you for saving our bacon. The CDs arrived and the quality's great. The artwork came out a little paler than I expected. I'm grateful that you went the extra mile and got us some copies for the party.Best wishes, Kate
Kate Stephenson, London    08th September 2016

Hi Steve, just to let you know that the CDs arrived and are perfect. The artwork and pressing are just what was required and look exactly how I had hoped. What a fantastic job you've done. You have provided a fabulous service and the CDs are flying out of the door. Mega job all round, Phil 
Phillip Ley    31st August 2016

I consider you part of this team and as long as we're doing this and you're working there - it'll be Key Production I will be using.

Harry, Rock 'n' Roll Rampage Club, Glasgow    30th August 2016

I don't know if you've been following our success / model / general infancy - but I think I speak for everyone when I say that key have been just wonderful and we couldn't be more pleased with the support and understanding we have received throughout.
Ian Smith, Last Night From Glasgow, Glasgow    24th August 2016

Great service from Key Production, highly recommended. 
Michael Conformist , Cardiff    15th August 2016

Hi Steve, I received everything today, looks great and sounds great. Thank you so much for your help with everything!
Cordula Ditz, Hamburg    28th July 2016

The vinyls are lovely. I am particularly blown away by how the pantone came out- it’s better than I could have hoped. Thank you once again for helping us press a great labour of love
Christopher Bingham, London    25th July 2016

Dear Graham, You rock! Again, thanks a lot! You rock! Best regards, Kyriakos.
Kyriakos , Lighten the Underground    22nd July 2016

Hi Jack, Thank You. Yes very Happy with the stock, I have already taken a box of 25 to the school for the year 6 children who are leaving and the head was highly delighted and said how professional they are. We have checked all boxes and all the rest are ok.Best Wishes, Pam.
Pam Millington, Chester Male Voice Choir, Chester    14th July 2016

Hey guys, just a quick thanks and letting you know we got everything and all is great.  Thanks again!
Clams Baker, London    06th July 2016

Hi James, we received all on Friday and we would like to Thank you and Keyproduction for this great work. The product is great ! We are all happy :D
Ali, Black Hill Production, London    04th July 2016

Hi Kerry, the box arrived yesterday , thanks. All looks fine and as expected. Thanks again for the usual excellent service. Cheers!
Mike Ward, Cheltenham    01st July 2016

The hard working people at Key Production turnt our elaborate idea into a reality
Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, Phantasy Records, London    30th June 2016

Hi Steve, The singles arrived safely and we are all really pleased with the product. I'd like to thank you personally for your help and to let you know we will definitely use Key Productions again in the future.
John Henry, London    17th June 2016

Very lovely boxes arrived today! Thanks J
James, Funky Porcini, London    13th June 2016

Juste pour te dire que les Cds sont arrivés! Ils sont parfaits! 
Marie Dury, Team 4 Action, Brussels    07th June 2016

We got the FM CD samples – look amazing – not sure I’ve been genuinely excited about a CD for a while 
Ollie Jacob, Memphis Industries, London    26th May 2016

Well that’s splendid – nice one. 
Ollie Jacob, Memphis Industries, London    02nd June 2016

Andy just sent a pic of the LP mate – LOOKS FANTASTIC! Thank you very much. 
Ben Wileman, Wichita Recordings, London    03rd June 2016

They look superb and very cool.  Good work everyone. 
Danny Mitchell, Heavenly Recordings, London    01st June 2016

All good all here, all brilliant! Thank you very very much mate, you've been really helpful and I look forward to doing this again :) All the best Rae!
Rae Lewis-Ayling, London    03rd June 2016

It Has Arrived!!!!!!! It looks LOVELY Thankyoooooo X
Robb Johnson, Irregular Records    23rd May 2016

Hi Steve, Just to let you know that the LNFG1 shipment arrived today and they look amazing. Many thanks. Andy
Andy, Last Night from Glasgow    18th May 2016

Hi James, just to let you know, the Lizzie Emeh EPs arrived last week and they look great! Many thanks for your help/advice… I'll be in touch when we release the last of Lizzie’s EPs later in the year!
Best, Sandra
Sandra Reynolds, Heart n Soul, London    11th May 2016

Thank you for the great service, I will be in contact with you in the future. Kind Regards
Shyheim Kamal, Redsnow Records, London    03rd May 2016

Hi Steve, Hope you're well - Just to let you know the 45 and lacquers have arrived safely. Will check them all tonight but the ones I've looked at are outstanding. Very pleased indeed [...]Thanks for your help with this - it's a pleasure working with you. Take care, All the best, Harry
Harry, Rock 'n' Roll Rampage Club, Glasgow    27th April 2016

Hi Steve, The CD’s have arrived and seem fine. Many thanks to you and your team. Please pass on my thanks in particular to Jason in the graphics department for his technical help. Regards, Ian
Ian Hedley, Tyne & Wear    20th April 2016

Hi Steve, Lorna and Jack, The CDs have just arrived as scheduled. Thank you all so much for your expertise. And please pass on my thanks to the plant too. Best, Suzanna
Suzanna van Moyland, London    20th April 2016

Hey David, Thought I would email saying we received the order all good and well. Massive thank you again for all the help and assistance. We are really happy with them. Thanks again for a great service. Speak soon for our next pressing. Stevey // Route 1 Audio
Stevey, Route 1 Audio    19th April 2016

Hey Steve, Just wanted to thank you for sorting everything the other week. Love the finished product!! Thanks, James

James Herring, Coventry    18th April 2016

Hey Lisa, The CDs have  arrived! Almost a week ahead of schedule!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH - again you have proven to be efficient in product turnaround and so easy to work with. Big BIG thanks from us at LuceMusic.London to you all at Key Production. Take care and have a good day, Best, Geraldine 
Geraldine Latty, Luce Music, London    15th March 2016

Hi Steve, Thank you!!! .. they have ARRIVED :-)I'm absolutely delighted with the finished product, the quality of everything is outstanding.  The help & advice we have received throughout the production process has been excellent.  Thank you to the whole team for making all this real. I'll definitely be back soon for another vinyl release in the future. best wishes, Rob.
Rob, ZyNg Tapes, Newcastle Upon Tyne    14th April 2016

Hi David, The LP's look amazing!!! Thank you so much...M x
Meredith Cork, London    13th April 2016

Hi Steve / David,just to let you know that everything arrived and it looks and sounds AMAZING, totally brilliant. Thank you both very much for keeping me so well informed and in the loop. Steve, please can you thank David especially for all his very detailed, kind information he gave to me from the start of the process. Thank you David, much appreciated. I shall spread the good word about Key Production! Woop woop! Samo

Sam Winston, Kent    11th April 2016

Steve - yes, thanks again, they arrived just before I jumped on a plane so I managed to grab one and then took a proper look in the sunshine! Really happy with it and appreciate your help especially with the artwork which was a bit of a mare this time as the guy wanted to do it himself!! But we got there and v pleased with the end result.Best regards, Steve 

Steve Robertson, Faversham, Kent    05th April 2016

We received them Steve and they look and sound awesome!! Thanks so much for all your help!! John & MinWe received them Steve and they look and sound awesome!! Thanks so much for all your help!! John & Min

JR Reid-Richards    31st March 2016

Hi Paul, Thank you very much, we have received the Cd's and they look and sound fantastic. Thank you so much to everybody who has helped get this project over the finish line. Cheers Caroline
Caroline Stockley, Dorset    18th March 2016

The CDs are brilliant, thanks for your help. Keep the faith, Rev. 
Rev, Wokingham, Berkshire    10th March 2016

Afternoon from a very sunny Scotland Kerry :) That's the CDs just arrived, all looking fab. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. I'll be back when we have a repressing or new album to sort. Best, Cath x
Catherine Maguire, South Ayrshire    23rd February 2016

Hello Lisa, I received my stock of MONO-101CD and it looks and sounds lovely! I really can't thank you enough for sorting everything so quickly. You're the BEST!
Monotreme Records    08th February 2016

...for the CDs David.  Received today. That was super quick!  I will be in touch later this year for album five..Alex
Alex Cornish, Bellevue Records, Scotland    05th February 2016

Great delivery, and the prints on them looks fenomenal! Awesome work!  
Björn Wallin, Gothenburg, Sweden    01st February 2016

Hello James, Thank you so very much for your help, you've been brilliantly helpful. Record's arrived today, they are looking great. I'll get in contact if I need to press some more, until then I wish you all the best. Kind regards Ulli
Ullrika Mattsson, London    28th January 2016

Excellent, I wish all my dealings with all production and printers is as painless as with you, x
Chris Bigg, Isle of Wight    27th January 2016

Hi both , back in studio today and saw the LP and CD for first time. They look superb,  well done, great work. Very much looking forward to playing them later this evening. Best wishes, Wolf
Wolfgang Buttress, Notthingam    20th January 2016

Hi Steve, Thank you for asking..Yes I received the E.P's. They look great and sound even better! I'm very satisfied with your help, handling and service. Much appreciated! In the future I like to work with you again. Thanks
Hans Nelemans, Netherlands    19th January 2016

Hi Jack, just wanted to say a massive thank you. You guys have done an amazing job with our LP, everything is going crazy for it. The colour of the disc is just something else! Thank you so much, and hopefully we can make another record some day. All the best
James Drury, London    19th January 2016

Looks good to me, Jonathan sent me a copy of the 10” at the weekend, it is indeed a tremendous production job. Thanks Chris x
Chris Bigg, Isle of Wight    18th January 2016

All done David, arrived, signed for, and paid up at my end, thanks for all your help, they look gorgeous.Best wishes, John H
John Horabin, Skate Dog, London    15th January 2016

Jack, The discs have arrived and look great. Well done! Tom
Tom Hanna, London    15th January 2016

Hi David, The LP's arrived and look great! Thanks for your excellent work. We'll definitely use you again for future releases. Thanks, John.
John Marley, Jazz in York, York    13th January 2016

Hi James, firstly I want to thank you for an excellent job on our single NWS2, it looks and sounds fantastic!.......we have been very happy with the service provided by Key Production and hope to work with you again in the future.
No Wahala Sounds, London    07th January 2016

Hi Steve, Just to let you know we’ve received these today and they look brilliant. Thank you! Kat
Kat Kennedy, Big Life Management, London.    06th January 2016

FKA Twigs sample looks f*****g great!!! Thank you! xx
Joe Smith, Beggars Group    11th November 2015

Steve, actually they arrived today! The wife called me at work and said "you'd better pop home at lunch and shift these boxes!!"
I have opened one of the boxes and they look excellent, thank you, will play one tomorrow and look forward to enjoying it and perhaps having a glass of something to celebrate! Best regards, Steve.
Steve Robertson, Canterbury, Kent.    05th November 2015

Dear James, I have received the copies of my cd and have to say how pleased I am with all your work. It sounds and looks exzcvtly how I imagined it and more.Thank you so very much. All the very best, Steve.
Stephen Rushton, Hounslow    20th October 2015

Thanks so much for all the work you've put in there to this album too!  you're just as important a part of the process in getting our records out into the world!x 
Dave Thomas, Fat Cat Records [C Duncan]    20th October 2015

Hey Team Key Production, the CD’s turned up quicker than expected so thank you for that:) But more than that, I sent some to the band members who live in LA and they now have them and are suitably impressed:) So BIG THANK YOU to you all for making it happen and look so good:) If you’re in the slightest bit interested below is my PR about the band. Have a great weekend!!!
Dylan White, London/Los Angeles    02nd October 2015

Thank you to Jack at Key Production for the excellent service & delivering another 1,000 CDs of my album. Great company!!!
Sam Hardy    02nd October 2015

Hi Steve, received the cds. They are excellent! We're very pleased. Thanks again, Dan
We Are Samoans, Cardiff    17th September 2015

Hi Steve, All CD's delivered today. All artwork perfect- thank you for your patience and professionalism in sorting everything out. Greatly appreciated.Excellent Service all round. All the very best
David Lowery    16th September 2015

Thank you to Lisa & team at Key Production for doing such a great job on our vinyl & Cd's from all of us at Mojomakerz, they look & sound amazing, will be in touch again soon.
Mojomakerz    27th August 2015

CDs received. Thanks for a great job on these..
Nick Knowles, Hekla London    21st August 2015

Hi Steve, All received, and perfect. Thank you very much.
Rachael Bewilderwood, Norwich    07th July 2015

Hi Jack, they arrived earlier this afternoon, looking great thanks very much!
Philip Wakefield, London    29th June 2015

Hi Steve, Just got them this afternoon (missed the delivery van yesterday).Top notch job. Very professional, and we'd definitely use Key again..Thanks a lot for all your help, Gary.
Gary Shearer, Berwick-Upon-Tweed    19th June 2015

Hi Kerry, Yes, received and looking lovely and sounding great. Many thanks! Panos
Panos Ghikas, London    16th June 2015

Sorry David..I meant to tell you..the CDs arrived yesterday…they look, sound and feel brilliant……thanks ever so much for looking after us..and look forwards to more endeavour…for sure….and hopefully a re-order soon-ish…yay! All best, Gary.
Gary Daly, China Crisis, Liverpool    03rd June 2015

Hi David, quick THANKS for getting this record made sent and everything else! grand job!Cheers! Dick Cit Fish
Dick, Bluurg Records, Bath    01st June 2015

Just got the samples - they are amazing! Thank you xxxxxx
Sue Birkett, London    30th May 2015

You 2 rule! Thank you so much for everything on Sun Kil Moon. It looks awesome, sounds great and is on time… you've made me look good! Thank you… really appreciate it! Joe xx
Joe Smith, Beggars Group, London    27th May 2015

Cd's arrived this morning. Thanks so much :) I love them.
Cheryl Kane, West Glamorgan, Wales    21st May 2015

Hi David, so our Outlander LP's have arrived as promised and they look fantastic we are very pleased with them and shall def be ordering our new product with you soon. [...] Best, Sarah
Sarah Ash, ARC Music Productions International Ltd.    12th May 2015

Hi Kerry! Just wanted to let you know the EPs arrived right on schedule yesterday, thank you very much! The blacks look great on the cover, so please thank your team again for the work they did on that. And thank YOU for all your work on this. [...] Thanks, Amanda x
Amanda Chiu    11th May 2015

Hey Steve, How are you today? Just to let you know that all the stock is here – thank you so much for turning it around in this time. It all looks great. [...] Cheers Steve. Thanks for all your help with this. [...]Thanks, Wendy
Wendy Law, BIMM, Brighton    08th May 2015

Hi David, CDs received yesterday. Many thanks for all your help getting them done. As usual very pleased to have been dealing with you guys at Key- you provide great service and I've recommended you to my friends. All the best. Tarquin 
Tarquin Campbell    05th May 2015

Bloody Marvellous! Kenny
Kenny Vaughan, Naim Records    24th April 2015

Hi Kerry, All arrived safely last night. Look and sound great - many thanks for your help with this order.

Emyr, Ankst Music    23rd April 2015

Chaps and chapette, CD print looks f**kin awesome!! Thank you! xxxx
Joe Smith, Beggars Group    22nd April 2015

Got to thank Cargo Records & Key Production for the RSD15 Sigmatropic 12'EP & all the assistance we got.
Tongue Master Records    21st April 2015

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time, effort and patience when putting together the War Waves album. It's been delivered now and really looks fantastic, thank you so much. You've made 4 geeky guys from Ipswich very happy. Marc

Marc Newby    20th April 2015

Hi Steve, the albums arrived today as predicted and we are extremely pleased with the finished product. We would like to say a big thank you to yourself and your company. From our first contact with David Giles, your artwork department who rectified our mistakes and yourself, everything has been handled very professionally with great communication. We thought we were putting you under pressure with the schedule and you have delivered a week earlier than expected.  We can now relax and look forward to our album launch in Sheffield on the 24th. We will obviously recommend you where ever we can and wish you and your company all your deserved success in the future.
Dave Hewitt, The Sons of El'Roacho, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.    17th April 2015

Also wanted to say thanks for the Special Edition box set - we think it looks amazing!
David Richardson, Big Finish Productions    15th April 2015

CDs arrived. They look and sound great. Thanks you very much. Until next time. Much love. Nick
Nick Barbachano    15th April 2015

Great to work with again. The CDs look fantastic!!! Thank you for your outstanding service.
Sam Hardy    30th March 2015

Thank you Key Production for the fine album packaging...
Gill Sandell & Chris T-T    23rd March 2015

...for the promo CDs David, look great and brilliant super quick service as ever. Thanks v much, Alex
Alex Cornish    09th March 2015

Great stuff! The samples looked amazing by the way. Thank you so much. Joe
Joe Smith, Beggars    06th March 2015

Thanks David. The service has been brilliant. Much appreciated.
Mal Alexander    02nd March 2015

Hi David, The dust has settled and we had our EP launch as planned. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and we will surely be recommending you.
Deborah Brink    26th February 2015

The box set looks magnificent! What a beautiful product.
Alistair Norbury, Texas Management    13th February 2015

Thanks to everyone at Key for your help over the years - with us from the start and still carrying us on your shoulders. X
Chemikal Underground    06th February 2015

Oh, transparent vinyl… so pretty. All looks ace & sounding wonderful too. Thank you Paul!
Julia Grant, Loose Music    23rd January 2015

Our finished albums are heading to Glasgow! Thanks to Jack and all at Key Production for making it happen.
A New International    19th January 2015

Thumbs up to proofs of my next release 'Thank you for the good things-ep' Key Production on the case!
Ady Johnson    16th January 2015

It's arrived safe and sound! Thanks for everything!  Cheers,  Andrew
Andrew Myers    16th January 2015

Hey Jack, records just arrived here and they look ace - thanks again!
Sonic Cathedral    12th January 2015

Hey, Decemberists looks amazing by the way! Thank you! 
Joe Smith, Beggars Group    12th January 2015

Hi Emma, Its arrived!!!! Thanks for your professional and caring service. Best wishes Andy
Andrew hawkins    09th January 2015

Just a quick note to confirm very pleased with CD’s. Many thanks!
Interion Limited    09th January 2015

Just wanted to send a quick note to say the Aqualung stuff LOOKS FLIPPIN GREAT! I’m so happy with how the vinyl turned out, it’s a really neat product and the spot emboss is lovely, works so well. Thanks again for all your help! Cheers, Luke
BMG Chrysalis UK    08th January 2015

All the CDs arrived safely on Tuesday thanks very much with a few extra which is great.  They sound excellent.  We have already sold quite a few so hopefully they will boost the Melodians funds as planned.
Mary Noel    11th December 2014

All received and looking great thanks again for turning around in the time we needed. Let's keep in touch about what we have coming up for next year, would love to work with you again.
Distiller    09th December 2014

Big thanks for Ankst137
ANKST    08th December 2014

Happiness arrived today, the oramge vinyl is looking good. 
British Sea Power    05th December 2014

Have just seen Lindisfarne CD which looks perfect.... Many thanks.
Gary Carverhill    03rd December 2014

Thank you for all the help with our first production.
Martin Johnson    02nd December 2014

Just wanted to say they were great and we love them!
Evi Vine Music    28th November 2014

CDs all just dandy thanks
Gordon Davidson    26th November 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for the swift handling. Thanks!
Imperial Recordings    10th November 2014

Many thanks for your help and patience in the whole process! Very pleased with the product.
Mulberry Tree Music    06th November 2014

We were delighted with the album - a really lovely job of packaging etc.
Phil Odgers    04th November 2014

A massive thanks for getting the CDs to us at such short notice. They look excellent, we are very happy. Kind Regards, Simon
Steel Strum    03rd November 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the first class service and help over the years, it’s been a great journey and the new one is about to start. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you as part of our new company and will be in touch with details soon.
Max and Co    31st October 2014

Just to let you know everything came as planned. Was an excellent service. Many Thanks
Jason    30th October 2014

CD delivery arrived and it all looks great! Thanks once again for all your help. Alex
Bellevue Records    29th October 2014

Vinyl has arrived. Looking and sounding great. So many thanks for that! Cal
Village Green    28th October 2014

Confirmation that the finished vinyls were delivered ok last week they look and sound great, so a big thanks for that. Chris
Chris Garland    27th October 2014

Xerox arrived. All good. Another satisfied customer :-)
Rob Allum    24th October 2014

Thanks, David – delivery arrived promptly – and looks and sounds excellent.  As usual – appreciate your help. Thanks and kind regards, Inge
Botts Company    23rd October 2014

The CDs arrived today. They look fabulous and we've played one through and everything sounds great so thanks very much. Really pleased :-)
Beki    23rd October 2014

Thanks Jack. WoB – listened to it today. Smashing mate! Sounds great
Naim Label    22nd October 2014

The CDs have arrived! They look fantastic - thank you so much for your patience, you have been extremely helpful throughout the whole process.
Amy Walaker    16th October 2014

Thanks so much. All received. Very nice
Amanda    13th October 2014

Hi David, Just a quick note to say thanks for the CDs - they're amazing, and I'll be sure to send you a disc when we go gold! :) Ariane x
Ariane Sherine    06th October 2014

Look great, far exceeded my expectations!
Dave McManus    02nd October 2014

Jack Adaptor CDs all received and looking lovely. The band are very happy with them too! Thank you.
3 Loop Music    01st October 2014

btw.. thanks for sending the samples... got them this morning... look great!  really happy with how they've turned out. Had messages from the artists too... they're both v.happy as well... cheers
Fatcat Records    30th September 2014

Received stock today. Looking good.
Ninja Tune    24th September 2014

They’ve arrived and look fantastic, thanks very much for your lengthy help and support with this job! Best wishes, Ellie
Fevered Sleep    17th September 2014

These arrived btw and they look amazing!
Sonic Cathedral    15th September 2014

CDs have arrived, they look really lovely, so glad we switched over to Key Production from our previous manufacturer, the whole process has been an absolute delight in comparison! Looking forward to doing business with you again. Steve
Steven Troughton    11th September 2014

You guys did a great job, Thanks!
Buffo's Wake    11th September 2014

Thanks very much for getting those out to us in such good time
Steven Troughton    10th September 2014

Well done John, both alt-j and superfood look amazing
Simon Ryan    08th September 2014

CDs have arrived thanks Jack. They look absolutely fantastic. Kind Regards, Ace
Ace Guitar Academy    04th September 2014

I received the Jack Adaptor LPs last week. They look great, thanks very much for your help so far. Thanks Tal
Tal    03rd September 2014

Hi Jack,Excellent service all round! Really pleased :) Will be back when I've recorded another album!Best wishes,Clea
Clea    02nd September 2014

Thanks Alex! PHOX LP looks absolutely fantastic! Pretty special indeed x
Partisan Records    02nd September 2014

Your website is by far the most informative of all those we have looked at. Thank you in advance Regards  Diane Blackbourn
Diane Blackbourn    29th August 2014

Hey Emma, The Open Tomb records arrived today. They look and sound great. Thanks once again for all your help with this! It may be a few months but I'll definitely be back with more orders! Cheers, Andy
Dry Cough Records    12th August 2014

Yes the vinyl look and sound amazing, really chuffed! Thanks x
See Monkey Do Monkey    11th August 2014

Julia, Thank you and your team so much for the support you've given over the final stages of this. It's the first time I've ever do anything like this and you guys have made this part a breeze. Kind Regards, Russ
The Wolf Choir    07th August 2014

Hi Emma, Sorry for the delay! The CD's are look great! Many thanks for all your help with everything. All the best.
Leo Appleyard    04th August 2014

Hey Emma, Just a note to say that the clear vinyl arrived yesterday - it looks great, thank you :)
Rattlepop    01st August 2014

Whoop! @colinclyne albums have arrived just in nick of time! Big thanks to @KeyProduction for helping us get these turned around so quickly!
Fat Hippy Records    24th July 2014

@KeyProduction - a big thank you to Emma and the team at Key Production from O.D. Records for their first vinyl release!!
O.D. Records    23rd July 2014

Hi Jack, CDs arrived in good time this morning, very happy with all you have done at your end, start to finish.
Alex Wood    21st July 2014

Jack dear it did and it looks marvellous.
Rare Noise Records    18th July 2014

Dear Kerry, They are absolutely great, we are thrilled with them - they look and sound amazing!  I am really sorry not to have emailed you beforehand, it was such a busy end of term. Please thank everyone involved as they really are fantastic, great job! Have a lovely summer, Best, Abi
Abigail Nott    17th July 2014

Hi Emma, I am very happy with the quality of the CDs. They certainly look the part and people like the overall design. Lets hope they like the music too! Best wishes and many thanks, Paul
Paul Woodhouse    15th July 2014

Hi emma, the totes just arrived and look spot on, thanks!
Brille Records    11th July 2014

Hi Emma - the cds all arrived - they look fab (the album has already got a 5 star album choice of the month in fRoots magazine!)  - thank you so much for your help.... I will want to get them pressed up again. Thanks, Naomi
Naomi Bedford    10th July 2014

I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out. Thanks!
Rattlepop    09th July 2014

Hey Emma, Just a quick one. Got my product sample of the Algo vinyl yesterday. The whole thing looks bloody incredible. Thanks so much for this. It may have taken a while, but its come out fantastic. Thanks again!
Invictus Music & Media Ltd    03rd July 2014

I know I've already said it, but thank you for all your help on this, you really pulled it out of the bag!
Mute Artists    03rd July 2014

Hi Jack, Very pleased with the CDs! Thank you! You have done a great job!
Maria Danishvar Brown    30th June 2014

Thank you Jack you have been extremely helpful throughout this whole process. Cheers, Dan
Daniel Wright    27th June 2014

Will Harris    27th June 2014

Massive thanks to @KeyProduction who've been more than patient in sorting pressing of #SausageHospital! We've been accidentally difficult
Mike TV    20th June 2014

Hi Emma, yeah was going to email you today! They arrived on Friday afternoon and look and sound ace! We're pretty damn chuffed! Thanks for a great service! Dan.
Dan    16th June 2014

Hi Paul! Yes, it all looks wonderful. Great job!! Thanks so much for all your patient and diligent help with everything. The finishes look really good too.
IHT Records    10th June 2014

Cheers to @keyProduction! They rule! They look awesome! Look! pic.twitter.com/MQGNeJqXf
IndianRedLopez    09th June 2014

CDs arrived! Excellent! Cheers, Duncan
Paradigms Recordings    29th May 2014

Hi Kerry, Got the cd’s this morning, thank you very much. Thanks for the good service and I’m glad we’re now aware of your existence should we need you in the future! Best regards, Ariana
Optident    27th May 2014

hello Jack, check the lps, everything fine, thank you a lot, i hope to make aother lp during this year, cheers, pavlos
Wax Records    27th May 2014

CDs have just arrived. They look amazing. Cheers, Rob
Rob Butterworth    20th May 2014

Hi Tracey and Karen, Just back in the office after taking a bit of holiday after The Great Escape, and I wanted to say a huge thank you for partnering with us on the CD this year. They looked amazing – we were blown away, and of course we’ve found working together really easy so appreciate all your support in offering the service and basically being great throughout. The CDs went down really well and we had loads of positive comments down there. Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll be in touch very soon. Kind regards, Joe
Generator    15th May 2014

Hey Emma, In all the excitement I completely forgot to let you know how the records turned out. I'm very pleased to say that they are awesome - exactly as I had hoped. I'll definitely be back with another order in the not too distant future.Thanks, Andy
Andrew Bankes    13th May 2014

First class production service from start to finish. Began with a studio visit to outline my design proposals with Kath. The process thereafter was very efficient and so professional. Kath was always ready with alternative suggestions when my artwork was not suitable for the materials and always very prompt with proofs. Her overseeing the job on press was also most useful. Together we came up with a result which is undoubtedly one of my best designs in recent years and certainly one of my favourite production experiences. A true collaboration. Plaudits from the band and fans have been very satisfying. Congratulations to Kath and everybody at Key Production. Can we do it again soon please? Sincerely, Vaughan Oliver
Vaughan Oliver    12th May 2014

Hi Jack, Hope all's well. The CD's look great - Artwork has come out really well on wallet and disc - and the matt finish is great!
Nige    12th May 2014

Hey Emma,I hope this finds you well. CD's arrived and they look fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help, will definitely be using you again.
Incendia Music    02nd May 2014

Hi David, Thank you for all your help yesterday. The DVDs arrived around 16:30, so that was perfect and our launch event went really well. The DVDs looked very good! Best wishes, Olivia 
Olivia Moyes    29th April 2014

Morning Jack, Just to let you know all is well with the delivery – Hamish is delighted. Many thanks for all your help. Kind regards, Iain
Iain Hawk    28th April 2014

Hey guys, the finished CDs look awesome!!! Thank you very much! Cheers
PIAS Belgium    25th April 2014

Wow they look amazing cheers!
Heavenly Recordings    16th April 2014

Good news Emma, I received vinyls today and everything seems to be like it should. I'm very happy with your service, and great that I got the records this soon. I know that the pressing plants are REALLY busy now with the RSD. I will be making orders in future as well, Big Thanks!-Kimmo
Kimmo    15th April 2014

Hi Emma, Vinyl arrived safe and sound and look fantastic, thanks for all your help, i will sort out the download/online stuff now. Dave
Future Noise    14th April 2014

CD 's sold out!!! Just placed another big order with @KeyProduction. Great service
Sam Hardy    14th April 2014

Wow - thank you! All on time and looking great.
Michael J Tinker    14th April 2014

Hi Emma,Thank you so much for getting the CDs out so quickly, we are all very happy with them! We would definitely work with you guys again in the future, thanks again for all your help! All the best, Dan
Dan Greaves    11th April 2014

stock arrived today - early! they look and sound beautiful, thank you
Loose Music    10th April 2014

Ace! Thanks Emma. Been recommending you guys to everyone that asks recently. You’ve been great! Much appreciated.
Raygun Music    08th April 2014

@Lovinosc @GingerWildheart @keyproduction I'm deeply impressed with everyone at Key then :D
Jack Fermor-Worrell    07th April 2014

Hi Emma,The records have arrived - looking & sounding great! Many, many thanks for your help with this order - your service was excellent. All the Best, Jim
Jim Spence    07th April 2014

Cheers Jack, All good, thanks again & no doubt we'll use you guys in future! Best Pat
Pat Garvey    04th April 2014

Thanks for the fast turnaround.  We look forward to using your company again. Best, Jeff
Megahit Records    03rd April 2014

Dear Jack, Thank you very much for the CDs, they did arrive on Monday and I was able to take them to BBC! The CD is looking great, thank you so much! Best wishes, Midori Komachi
Midori Komachi    03rd April 2014

Hi Emma,Hope you had a fine weekend. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, the CDs arrived in good time. thanks for your efforts. Cheers, Alan
Alan Bambrough    01st April 2014

Hey Emma, Just to let you know the albums arrived, really happy :-) Many thanks for your help, Dan
Dan Greenaway    28th March 2014

Hi Paul, Thanks very much. 100% satisfied customers! Looks great sounds great. Delivered in good time! Thanks again and look forward to working with you again in the future. Edwin
Edwin Brooks    24th March 2014

Thanks a lot for all your help Jack. I'm sure we'll have more business in the future as you seem to understand the kind of thing we are trying to do.
Greg Hardy    24th March 2014

Hi Jack, Yes thank you - they look and sound fantastic.
Noel Langley    20th March 2014

Hi Jack, The CDs arrived about an hour ago- very nice, thanks very much for making it all happen!
Anthony Leung    18th March 2014

"Key Production delivered a limited edition 4 CD hardback book that was of extremely high quality. The finished sampler definitely exceeded my expectations, it looks excellent and sounds great." Universal Music Publishing
Universal Music Publishing    17th March 2014

Many thanks Jack - it's been great to work with you and the CDs look fantastic. Best wishes, Ishbel
Ishbel Murray    17th March 2014

Dear Emma, CDs received today as you promised. They are exactly as expected. You have done an excellent job with good communication and delivery on time. Thank you for your work, Rod
Rod Stradling    13th March 2014

Got them! Thanks for everything Jack, they look great :) Josh
Joshua Chandler-Morris    13th March 2014

Hello David and Paul, We would like to confirm that we have safely received the records. Please note that we are excited by the overall result in all its aspects (quality of vinyl and artwork and above all crystal clear analogue sound). Thank you very much for the impeccable job and collaboration! Kind regards, Apostolos Kanakaris
On Stage Records    12th March 2014

Hi Emma, Sorry for delay. Cd's arrived yesterday, everything is perfect, thank you for your cooperation, I'll talk to you soon. Chris
Rotten Music    07th March 2014

Just picked them up from my Mums as that is where they are stored looks fantastic . Thank-you Very much, Sam
Blissful Music    05th March 2014

Thanks to the wonderful folks at @keyproduction for doing amazing work on #commit. You make us look so goooooooood:) pic.twitter.com/UOx4Mn1uZc (via Twitter)
Indian Red Lopez    05th March 2014

Hello sir, I've had confirmation of delivery and they look awesome. A big thank you for your assistance during the process. Thank you, Mike Chang
Michael Chang    04th March 2014

Hi Kerry, Just a quick note to say thank you for the order. All arrived as planned last Monday, can’t say enough how pleased I am with the service I received from Key P on my first release. I seem to be in good hands for the next one now with Emma too. Thanks again, Paul
Paul McCabe    04th March 2014

Hi David, The cds are great, many thanks for your help. I have attached the mcps licence. Kind regards, Ned
Ocean Bloem Productions    04th March 2014

Dear Jack,Nick brought a couple of copies of the digipack round to me. Nick is absolutely delighted, and so am I. You have done a superb job. Thank you so much. Kindest regards, Dorothy
Dorothy Sharp    03rd March 2014

Emma, I can not tell you how much I appreciate all your help and how great its been working with you. Thanks again for everything you rock!
Humberto Carmona    27th February 2014

Hi Jack, Just received the vinyl. Looking and sounding great.
Calum Cassidy Sager    26th February 2014

Hi Jack,You probably get this all the time but I am very much looking forward to receiving our final CD/product from Key Production. I would like to thank yourself and previously Tracy whom I have also dealt with for your patience and help with this job. It is very refreshing to deal with people who are very informative and always willing to help. Regards, Norrie
Norrie McCulloch    19th February 2014

Hi Jack, We have received our order. Very pleased with end product. Thanks for all your help with our order and making the process painless. Regards, Eric.
Signam Limited    18th February 2014

Hi David,Thanks for the prompt delivery of the albums the other week. I forgot to thank you and everyone at Key. Excellent service and products. The albums are selling out as I type! Cheers again mate. Adam
Adam Stone    17th February 2014

Dear Emma,Thankyou so much POHALA has arrived!!...I am delighted and will be sharing it with Ian soon. Bless you and all those involved. Best wishes Heather x
Heather Golding    07th February 2014

Many thanks for best wishes with release David! Look forward to hopefully doing another run with you soon! Mark.
Damn Vandals    06th February 2014

WOW! That's fantastic news! I shall recommend you to everyone I know. Speedy service, and the most helpful, friendly staff ever. Next time I am in London I shall come round and take you for lunch! Thanks again. This really has been an easy transaction, thanks to you. Colin
Colin Duff    05th February 2014

Thanks David, they look great, we’re so pleased with them.  Best wishes, Tanya
Roundhouse    04th February 2014

Dear Emma, I have received my CD's, everything is perfect thank you very much for your help, I hope we will be speak very soon because I have another band waiting for release their CD, again thank you and I'll talk to you later. Regards, Chris
Rotten Music    04th February 2014

Hi Jack, Appreciate the help over the last few weeks and will be using Key Productions for my future musical adventures! Many Thanks,Marcus
Marcus Rexford    03rd February 2014

Kerry, Kelvin and Norda just shared pics with me of the physical CD and I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the finished product. You did an amazing job with the components and designs I provided. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love how you centered her photo and left the 'open field' in the background for the inside liner. I just wanted to thank you personally!! You are amazing! All the best, Shelley Rodner
Shelley Rodner    27th January 2014

Hi Lisa,The sample arrived just now, the CDs look so good! Love the whole thing, thanks for all your work on this, looks really really great! Cheers, Joe
Joe Luxton    23rd January 2014

Hi Emma,got the vinyl! thank you they look and sound great! Will
Will White    20th January 2014

Thanks Emma - both the CDs arrived and look fab!!! Thank you 
Sara Lord    16th January 2014

Hi Kath,Yeah, they turned up last Tuesday. They look great!
Thanks for your help with all of that.
Craig Hargrave    13th January 2014

Hi Emma, the records arrived fine, with a few overs to boot I notice! They look great so I wanted to say thanks for making this happen so quickly. After so many delays my end it is good to know this was the one thing I didn’t have to worry about.
Peter Robins    10th January 2014

Hi Emma and Phil, Just collected vinyls from my work. They look and sound far better than I'd ever imagined, definitely works of art. I'm sure that the bands will be so pleased. As am I. Thanks both for yr hard work.  Release date March 22nd so I've a few weeks to get the unbelievable hype going...* "To be found you gotta be loud and have a different sound, step out from the crowd, just rise from the underground!" (NxtGen)Thank you both, Richard
* a rarity having a R*E*P*E*A*T release on time, let alone early...
Richard Rose    10th January 2014

Hi Lil, Wow! That was super fast! Thanks, I've spoken to the driver john. All good! Thanks again for such great service. We will definitely be using you again for future releases.
David S. Blanco    07th January 2014

Jack, We got the records, thank you so much. We got them in time for Christmas and more importantly we got them in time to sell at our new years gig. They sound and look great.
Marc Goymour    03rd January 2014

Packages have arrived. I had an instant check on my turntable and it was excellent! Thank you so much Emma
Tsuboya Satoshi    02nd January 2014

Singles arrived on Wednesday. They look and sound amazing.
Barney Cordell    20th December 2013

I received the vinyl yesterday, they're great ! Thanks a lot.
Matthieu    19th December 2013

Hi Jack, I received the vinyl yesterday, super exciting, thanks! It's looking really great! Thanks a lot.
Tristram Bawtree    18th December 2013

You've made things so easy for us. Really appreciated by me esp at the start of the week when I come home shattered from teaching, meetings and guitar lessons and need to check how releases are coming on - you've made things so easy and we even had the Beverley Kills record at its release party (not something we've always managed!!).
Richard Rose    17th December 2013

Dear Emma, The records got delivered this morning. I’ve played one and it is fine. Thanks a million and merry Christmas. Regards, Richard
Sepia Records    16th December 2013

Thank you very much - its just how i'd pictured it. Brilliant...
James Hill    12th December 2013

It looks so beautiful. Thank you for all your help!
Tommy Firefly    11th December 2013

Jack, yes, all great, look and sound fine, have already sold a few CDs and getting some out as promos, thank you!
Kevin Hewick    06th December 2013

Hi Emma, Hope you’re well. The CD’s arrived save & sound - thanks for you help. Cheers, Pete & Peasy
Pete & Peasy    05th December 2013

Hi all, I got my hands on a finished version of the vinyl last night and I’m really, really happy with them.
Thanks to Dave for the design and creative, Kerry for sleeve manufacturing and logistics, Paul for the vinyl production and Michael for the product management on the IE side.
Thanks, Matt
IE Music    04th December 2013

Hi Jack, good news - Vinyl arrives, looking swish as well. Will give it a blast when i get home. Thanks for your co-operation over the past months. Jake 
Jake    03rd December 2013

Hi Jack,Thanks – yes all arrived safely – and very pleased with the results.Thanks for your help. Best Pete
PPR Publicity    29th November 2013

Hey Emma, CD's turned up yesterday, they look great! Thanks so much for all your help over the last few weeks.
Andrew    26th November 2013

“Hi Jack, To let you know that the DVD's arrived in Braga, and the rest to Suffolk about 3.30 yesterday. I'm very pleased with the result - the square gate fold used in portrait format really suits the subject / concept. Many thanks for getting the job done, and will certainly recommend Key to my other arts & commercial associates.”
Lol Sargent    15th November 2013

Hi David, Got the CD's, they look great. Really pleased to have them for York tomorrow. Thanks a lot, Karen
Karen Anne    14th November 2013

Hey Emma, The CDs just arrived. Yaaay!  Thank you for all your help, they look & sound great :-) Every blessing Julie
Julie Hall    12th November 2013

Hi all, So a huge collective sigh of relief that the Jamie album is made and out to stores on time and (more importantly) he’s really pleased with them! A HUGE THANK YOU from us for ensuring it was right – we really appreciate all the extra effort it took and the end result looks lovely. You guys rule. XMR x
Dani Cotter - Xtra Mile Recordings/Press Counsel PR    08th November 2013

Good morning all, I just opened my box of CDs and I wanted to say thanks for how great they turned out, I think it was worth the extra week for sure. I really appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail that went into these, they've ended up pretty damn near perfect, so thank you all maximum. Jamie
Jamie Lenman - Muscle Memory    08th November 2013

Hi Emma,The records arrived today (60 hours early for launch gig, which is probably a record!), and they look and sound wonderful, thanks very much for all your efforts with them, much appreciated by me and the band. That matt finish was def the right choice...
Richard Rose    08th November 2013

Thank you Key Production for your excellent service...
Mike Papageorgiou    08th November 2013

First Third Books Ltd    07th November 2013

Hi Emma, Yes they are here!! And they look fab, I allowed myself to rip the shrink wrap off of just one to have a look haha. Brilliant. Thank you so much for all your help throughout the process, you've made it so smooth and unstressful! Hope you hold on to one, have a listen and let me know what you think! x
Casey Lim @ Challisbury Festival    05th November 2013

Hi Paul! Henry received the vinyl a couple of hours ago and is pleased. All looks great, and apparently the picture disc looks fantastic. Also the CDs look really lovely. Very pleased. Thanks so much, Michelle
Something Sound    30th October 2013

I've been meaning to email to say a big thank you they all arrived on Monday! I'll be spreading the word about key productions and all the wonderful work you do. Thanks again! Soph
Sophie Taylor    24th October 2013

Hi, Thank you all so much for your hard work and effort that you put into making the quick turn around happen! Best regards, Jenny
Jenny Taday    24th October 2013

Looking forward to our album launch tomorrow :D Thanks again with all the work on the vinyl, they sound and look fantastic. Cheers Mike
Mike Bishop    22nd October 2013

Hello Lisa, I hope you're well. I can't remember if I have written to you yet to thank you for everything you did to get those Barzin CDs ready in time. Your efforts were nothing short of heroic! I really can't thank you enough for all of your help! The CDs arrived in Canada in time to get them to the grant agency there, and the funding crisis was averted, thanks mostly to you. The CDs look and sound lovely. We are all very happy with everything. Once again, huge thanks for the best customer service ever!  You're one in a million. cheers, Kim
Monotreme    21st October 2013

Hi Emma, Just to let you know the DVDs have arrived and everything is fine and dandy. Thank you very much for your excellent service - will definitely be using you guys again. All the best! Jon
Jon Amor    16th October 2013

Awesome stuff! it really does look great. super happy with it.
Dave McManus    02nd October 2013

Hi Jack, The CDs arrived, they look and sound great! Thanks a lot for another successful job done by Key. Cheers, Mark
Mark Brenner    30th September 2013

All arrived safely today.  Looks great too - good printing and nice quality.  Nothing to complain about :) All the best David
David Howe    23rd September 2013

Hi David, Thanks very much for all your help, we really appreciate it, and will be sure to recommend Key Production to anyone looking to get cds printed :) Regards, Ben
Ben Kitson    23rd September 2013

Hi Jack, I went round to his to check out the CDs and I've got to say that, no doubt about it, they're 100% perfect.(Which is not a phrase that I often use.) Exactly as specified, with a lovely feel to the Digipak and to the booklet (great weight of paper!), and they sounded quite excellent as well (well, that's mainly thanks to Robin, of course!). Well done, and thanks for the attention taken to all details.Speak soon. Best Marek
Marek Rymaszewski    18th September 2013

Hi Emma, I am delighted with the CDs, the quality of production is excellent and I've had wonderful service from you and your team, thanks a million! Can't wait to release another album now just to have more beautiful CDs from you :) All the best, Christine
Christine Wehrmeier    13th September 2013

Hi Paul, the new LPs arrived today and they are beautiful.its been a good year of making lovely records and CDs. All pretty much perfect, barcodes in the right place etc etc etc!thank you for all your efforts on our behalf Tom
Tom Bridgewater    12th September 2013

Sorry Emma for not getting back before - been away - YES ! we got them and they look bloomin' great. Thank you very much - will be in touch soon for more I hope ! Thanks, Sara
Sara Lord    29th August 2013

Fantastic! You've been great with all this - thanks so much. Cheers, Bruce
Bruce Hopkins    27th August 2013

just in! they look great, thank you
Loose Records    28th August 2013

Jack, The lps are absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy! This will hopefully be the beginning of a thing...so more in the pipeline.. Thanks so much. Dave
Dave Frampton    16th August 2013

Hi Kerry ......Our records look and sound amazing by the way, we're very, very pleased with them! Lovely printing, as with our previous release, and the vinyl is nice and thick. Thanks so much for all your help Tom
Tom Pinnock    13th August 2013

Hi David, Just got back from my travels and found my 7”’s! They look and sound wonderful, Thankyou for your continued help and I’m sure you will hear from me at some point in the future again! Many regards, Mikey
Mikey Shaw    24th July 2013

Hi Paul, I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did on the Hood: Noble Secrets CD.  Excellent all round, and hopefully we'll be back for more! Thanks, Matt
Matt Hopper Productions    24th July 2013

Hi Jack,The CD's arrived early on friday. They look and sound fantastic.

Thanks for being so helpful and responsive - some of our suppliers are a nightmare, it was a refreshing change working with you guys! Nice one ; ) Elliot.
Elliot Muir    23rd July 2013

Hello John, Just to let you know the 7's turned up yesterday on time and look great, we're really happy with them! Thanks for everything, will be in touch next release. Cheers, Guto.
Guto Pryce    19th July 2013

Lisa I'm over the moon , these are great ! Thanks very much for helping pull this together, I'll be back for Knitted Kitty 02. cheers Pendlex
Knitted Cat    09th July 2013

Hi David, We're absolutely delighted with The Mini Skips 7"s which arrived last Thursday and we're almost ready to get our second 7" release underway and it would be great if we could work with you again for this one. Kind regards Mark
Little Owl    08th July 2013

Hey John - All delivered in good nick. They look great too, so thanks very much for the excellent job on them, much appreciated. Best, Simon.
Rough trade    05th July 2013

they are excellent, the sleeves look great and the DVDs play perfectly Thanks again for an excellent job - both product and service; I'll happily recommend you to anyone looking for production services. Rob
Explore Audio - Gordon Giltrap CD    02nd July 2013

Hey David, Re: GINGER AND FURRY CD. We received the DVDs on Friday and they look amazing! Thank you so much for getting them produced so quickly! Great job! Lauren
VCCP    01st July 2013

The box of vinyl from Germany came today. Wow. Utterly stel-lar job! They look really incredible! Really, really excited about how they turned out. I gave the first one to David to unwrap and go through...he was very, very happy. Thought they looked so good... The booklet looked grreeeat! Thank you everyone for all the hard work and attention to detail. Wouldn't have gotten to this point without you!
David Lynch Box Set    26th June 2013

Hi David, Yes, we did receive them yesterday. Thank you very much for getting them done so quickly. They look great. Thanks for being so helpful. Jonny Fitzpatrick
Ratton School    21st June 2013

The Temples 10" look mint! Thanks guys, Tom the designer was made up when he saw them
Heavenly Recordings    20th June 2013

Hiya Paul, Just to say thanks for organising the latest album, Light The Boats. I'm really really happy with how it looks and am just off to the Post Office to send out the PR & albums. Hope to see you again in the near future! Best wishes, Gill
Gilll Sandell    20th June 2013

Hi Paul Just a quick note to say that the boxes look amazing, glad we went for the non-scratch laminate!  Nitin was also really bowled over when he saw it yesterday, so thanks a million for all your and Kerry’s work on this. Feel free to blog away! Best GG
Metropolis Studios    19th June 2013

Hi Paul and Kerry Super, great job! Thanks and well done to everyone involved! With best wishes John
John Sandell    18th June 2013

Hi both, Just to inform you that I have received the CD's I ordered this morning and they look fantastic. I'd like to thank you both for your help and support and for the swift turnaround. I look forward to working with you again in the future and will be recommending your company to my friends. Best regards.
Craig Lennon Music    14th June 2013

Dear All, I have just seen the Super Deluxe version of PUSH THE SKY AWAY and absolutely love it. What a wonderful thing. I just wanted to thank you all for putting it together with such care and attention to detail. I am completely blown away. Thank you all so much. Much love, Nick
Nick Cave    07th June 2013

Thanks so much for all your help and patience, you've been great! We're launching the record tomorrow, and will let you know how it went. All the best,
SE8 Gallery    17th May 2013

Hi Lisa they all arrived safe. I just want to thank you and company for a job well done. The product is nice the packaging great etc etc. thank you very much. If I ever need vinyl again, you will most certainly be first port of call. best danny
Danny Hyde    17th May 2013

Hi again David! I received the vinyls couple of days ago and I'm really happy with your service. The pressing / printing quality is superb and these came faster than I thought. I will definitely order records from you in the future as well. Kind regards,-Kimmo Karjalainen
Kimmo Karjalainen    15th May 2013

BTW. Thank you for the good work.....it looks and sounds beautiful :-) Ian
The Icicle Works    22nd April 2013

Hi David, Received the CDs. Thank you for the brilliant job. I appreciate very much. Best Regards, Yujin
Yujin Choi    18th April 2013

Valerie June Album - And oh my gosh.. I'Ve just seen a sample of the vinyl sleeve and it looks gorgeous..
Sunday Best    12th April 2013

By the way, thanks for your help with the Dirthole 7"s the laminate sleeves look amazing! Thanks,Claire
Digital Harcore    11th April 2013

Ash Pears: “Worked with you on a Ginger Wildheart acoustic DVD, excellent service, good to find you on Twitter”.
Ash Pears    10th April 2013

Hi Kerry, it's arrived! Looks lovely, thanks so much x
East India Youth    04th April 2013

really happy with the product &handling etc., thx again! Download page looks great too. Highly recommend you guys 2everyone!x
Alev Lenz    25th March 2013

I don't know if I said so before Paul, but the vinyl is great, it sounds amazing, nice heavy vinyl and the sleeve, printing, card etc are perfect. Thanks very much!
Sean Dooley    25th March 2013

Hi David, Just to say a big thanks you for the delivery of the CDs. I am extremely pleased with the quality and the album looks fantastic, I am very pleased with the final product. Thanks for all the work. I'll continue to recommend Key Productions and have my future work produced by you. All the vesy best, Steve
Stephen Wheel    21st March 2013

All the CDs appear to have arrived safely and everyone is happy with them.Many thanks for your help once again and I look forward to working with you in the future. Kind regards, NEIL
Neil Busato-Martin    18th March 2013

Key Production - Londons most helpful production company for labels, bands and artists @MillHillMusicCo
Mill Hill Music Complex    04th March 2013

They just got here and look AMAZING! The high-gloss looks incredible.
Faux    13th March 2013

Cds have just arrived,  thanks for the fast service.  Best,  Simon
Simon Lawler    20th February 2013

Hi Paul, Got the vinyl - looks and sounds amazing, thanks. Now for the cds...Kind regards, Stephen Marshall 
John Dewar & Sons Ltd Whisky    18th February 2013

Fela Kuti - Congrats to all involved in putting this together. Job well done! Looking forward to seeing everything else. Thanks for putting up with us too! Best Rikki
Rikki Stein    13th February 2013

The albums arrived, I think they look great & I've played one right through and it all sounds right, so thanks to all the team at Key Production.
Rase Spirals    11th February 2013

The eagle(s) have landed. Thank you so much for sorting so quickly. Next time I won't be so blooming last-minute. Be good to buy you a beer to say thanks... Really appreciate it. Cheers, William
William Spencer    31st January 2013

Hi Kerry, hope you're well. We keep hearing great things about you when asking around about the Quietus Phonographic Corporation first release, so I think we're pretty much ready to go....  cheers.  Luke
Quietus    29th January 2013

Hi Kerry, Just wanted to let you know the CDs are fab! James x
James Stevenson    29th January 2013

AND: If u r thinking of producing vinyl, seriously u must go to @KeyProduction - they are great! Thanks Lisa & thanks @GuyElectric 4the tip! Alev Lenz‏@Alev_Lenz
Alev Lenz    25th January 2013

Paul, Good Morning, Cds are here and it’s an excellent work as always. Thank you for supporting us. Yours mike
Mike Greece    25th January 2013

@GoldFlakePaint @KeyProduction did ours (CDS), amongst a plethora of amazing amazing people. No contest really.
@indianredlopez    23rd January 2013

Hi Paul, everything arrived safely and in great condition. Many thanks to you and the rest of the keyproduction staff for all the communication and help you have provided throughout, it has been much appreciated. All the best, Jack
Jack Piers    16th January 2013

Just a quick email to say thank you very much! the product looks beautiful, we are all very happy with it. we will be back again in the near future. kind regards
Anatomy    14th January 2013

Just a message to say thank you so much for everything. The CDs arrived they look amazing. Thanks again for all the hard work you put it Chris. Pass our thanks onto Tracey. Have a great Christmas, and were be in touch on any future projects. Ash
Ashley Till    13th December 2012

Thanks for your amazing work on the Album, special mention to Chris and Tracey. It looks outstanding. #nineninetynines
Nine Ninety Nines‏    06th December 2012

Well the vinyl babies arrived and we're very very happy!!! Thank you - and please thank Kerry...it was worth all the stress :-)) Cosey and Chris
Cosey Fanni Tutti    29th November 2013

Hi Lisa, MASSIVE thanks for all your help with this years records, especially the 7777777 singles... they look and sound great (http://www.flickr.com/photos/wiaiwya/), in no small part due to your care and attention... AND, everything arrived ahead of time too (sorry about that!) MAGIC!... let me know if you'd like copies or anything.thanks again...John
John Jervis    15th November 2012

@KeyProduction hey all, CDs look great. Colour match is perfect. Really good work, thank you. :D
IKOMUSIC    06th November 2012

David/Lorna, Just wanted to say thanks very much for a job well done. Received the singles this week. They look really great and the sound quality is excellent.Thanks very much, cheers Chris
Dogtown Rebels    26th October 2012

Just got an email from the Tim saying the singles arrived and they look great. Just wanted to say cheers for your help in turning these around so quickly. Much appreciated! Barney
Neapolitan Music    12th October 2012

Hi David, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the CD's, they arrived today and are fantastic, very happy. Hope to use your service again soon.
Mike/Conformist    03rd October 2012

I have received my CD's today and I am very pleased to have seen them the way I envisioned them. Thank you very much!
Muhammad Abdullahi    21st September 2012

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for helping us turn around the release. Your efforts were much appreciated. Hopefully be in contact with some more releases very soon.
J    19th September 2012

Just a quick note to say that my CD-Rs were delivered at 11am today. The disk plays flawlessly and the cover looks great. Many thanks for your help and patience, and for a glitch-free production job. It's been a pleasure working with you. Till the next time.
Grahame Painting    17th September 2012

The CDs arrived this morning, and they look great. Couldn't be happier, thank you. (Of course I say that now, when I'm staring at those same ten boxes in five years time - I'll take that back). Until then, though, cheers. Very impressed.
Andrew    12th September 2012

Sorry for delay in letting you know the CDs arrived safe and sound. They look and sound great, thank you and everyone at Key for all your help getting them done.
Tarquin    12th September 2012

Just to let you know I received my items and all is ok. It was a pleasant experience to do business with you. Hope to be contacting you again next year for another project.
Give my regards to Mr. Smith as well with whom I initiated first contact!
Pierre Caruana    29th August 2012

I got the LPs today They look absolutely superb. Thank you again for all your help, fantastic service!
Adam Franklin    27th July 2012

Thanks for your prompt attention for this project, as ever the Key to us coming back to yourselves is the great service.

Chris, Pink Box    27th July 2012

Kath you'll be pleased to hear that almost everyone I have spoken to about vinyl production in the uk has recommended Key and spoken incredibly highly of your guys.

James Dale    26th July 2012

Hello all, I just wanted to drop a quick email, to personally send my thanks for working with BeWILDerwood to get our long awaited audio book into production and finally onto the shelves of our Bizarre Bazaar. The infallible service of the Key Production team has been invaluable throughout and to get a product of such high quality at the end of the process is fantastic. Extended thanks to Lorna who has put together my artwork seamlessly. It has certainly been a process of learning along the way for myself so I appreciate your desire to get it right for us (and indeed for your patience!). I hope we can work together again on subsequent projects.
Bob BeWILDerwood    24th July 2012

Thanks for the note Paul, they arrived earlier on and we are delighted with them - CDs are great and the artwork is exactly what we wanted. This extra day gives us a tiny breathing space before they are shipped off around the world. Many thanks for all of your efforts. Please pass on our thanks to all of the team and to your colleagues ...... Key Production have come up trumps again.
Bill Zobel    18th July 2012

The CDs have arrived, many thanks for such a great service you are the best.
Jo, British Sea Power    31st January 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the work on the Trent Reznor 'girl with the dragon tattoo' soundtrack album. We had incredibly tight deadlines to release the soundtrack to one of the biggest films of the year, there was no room for error or delay, and we managed to hit the release on the same day as the film opened. I am positive that we wouldn't have been able to do that without the attention to detail Key Production gave it, but it worked and i am very very grateful to Key and Kerry for making this happen. Please thank any of the team that were involved outside of yourselves, Mute and I are very grateful.
Mute    19th January 2012