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Ecological by Design.

Key Production chooses its suppliers not only on their ability to deliver the high quality we demand, but also by demonstrating ecological sustainability in their business practices to ensure environmental impact is mitigated.

All of our suppliers are continually updating processes to make their facilities better ecologically, re-using vinyl waste in vinyl production, recycling all card waste, using waste energy to heat offices and carbon offsetting

Sustainable FSC-certified paper and card stocks, low-carbon packaging options, the highest quality vegetable-based inks, premium water-based varnishes, and compliance with environmental industrial standards including ISO 14001 are the minimum we expect, and accept. ISO14001 is the internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. Many of our suppliers are also Sony certified green partners, FSC certified themselves, have ISO50001 accreditation (certified energy management system,) and ISO9001 (quality management).

As a company, we have noticed that CD product has been moving away from plastic packaging. Having said that, Amaray has produced a new box that can be made of post-consumer waste and is lighter than standard plastic boxes. It is currently being trialled.

A quick word about shrink-wrapping:

Shrink-wrap is only a very small proportion of carbon emissions in the manufacturing of a product. Whilst when we started in 1990, we rarely shrink-wrapped items, the way that we buy music has changed and most product is now shrink-wrapped to protect it from damages. It can be argued that removing shrink-wrap will mean that there will be more damages, leading to more returns which would be much more wasteful. Conventional PE/PP film is recyclable (although in a similar way to other plastics, only certain councils recycle currently). There are some newer films on the market (BYO and BOPLA) that are oxo-biodegradable, but some controversy exists as to whether the components that they break down into are bad for the environment. All plants are working with suppliers to produce fully biodegradable shrink-wrap.

Key has been asked to advise the AIM climate change committee and our CEO attends the ERA sustainable packaging meetings and has completed Carbon Literacy Training.

Key is also a supporter of Julie's Bicycle, a not-for-profit company formed to help the music industry reduce its environmental impact.