Important Changes to Adobe Fonts From January 2023

If you are one of the many people who use Type 1 PostScript fonts from Adobe (alternatively called “Printer” fonts), prepare for it to soon not be recognised on your desktop operating system.

Starting in January 2023, you will no longer be able to author content or edit older documents using Type 1 fonts, even if they are currently installed on your computer. The fonts will not appear in the “Font” menu, and no longer work in any Adobe packages including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Any existing work utilising Type 1 fonts will show up as “Missing fonts” within the asset. Support for Type 1 fonts will also stop.


Our Artwork and Reprographic team are here to help and make this a seamless transition where possible. We are happy to assess any historic artwork and advise in the conversion from Type 1 to OpenType fonts. Please contact the Account Manager dealing with your work.

If you are repressing, we may be able to outline text from any existing work that already exists in our archive and do minor changes.

If you need extensive editing of text currently using the Type 1 font, we will need to replace it with the OpenType version. As this creates the risk of unwanted reformatting, we will ask for a new proof approval to make sure you are happy with the updated look. Please bear in mind that this process may require more artwork time than originally projected to accommodate.


First introduced by Adobe in 1984 to use with its PostScript page description language, Type 1 fonts became widely used with the spread of desktop publishing software and printers. By 1996, Adobe started to change their focus, moving from products and type development of Type 1 to the more versatile OpenType fonts.

From the beginning of the year, the only place that Type 1 fonts will still be viable is in older versions of Creative Cloud apps. However, be forewarned: even if you continue using a previous version of Creative Cloud apps with the Type 1 font, additional aid will be short-lived, concluding once support is ended for the operating system.

Any release after January 2023, however, will not work with the Type 1 fonts, as support for this particular font is moving towards coming to an end. The only exception to this exists with Photoshop 23.0 and beyond, though help options finished in 2021.

A majority of browsers and mobile OSes already do not work with Type 1 fonts. Like Adobe, support for the Type1 font will be ending across most operating systems, with efforts put towards the usage of OpenType. If you have Type 1 information in files such as EPS and PDF, they will be unaffected as long as they are being used for display or printing as graphic elements. Please be aware that the ‘Missing fonts’ error will be triggered if editing is attempted to these files in applications including Illustrator and Photoshop.