Innovations in Vinyl Manufacturing – More Sustainable PVC Vinyl Pressing Compound Options

At Key Production, we tirelessly strive to provide the latest options in innovation to our customers looking for ways to be more sustainable while obtaining the best-looking and sounding product at a great price.

Our extensive network gives us the unique opportunity to work with a myriad of pioneering companies dedicated to bringing new materials and manufacturing techniques to every step of format creation. We are also here to guide you on any specific bespoke considerations, such as recycling old stock, carbon balancing and ways to be more sustainable overall.

We are always looking for ways to reduce the impact of PVC traditionally used in pressing records. With this in mind, we are excited to provide updates regarding two different emerging products recently launched within our network. Both of these products maintain the same chemical properties as standard record-pressing compounds meaning that they can be recycled just as standard records can be currently.

The first is offered by one of our German manufacturing partners who are utilising a bio-based PVC in their new reduced impact compound option which maintains identical sound and optical qualities as conventional records and is available in traditional black as well as eleven other colours. Fossil fuels are removed from the production process of the S-PVC element of the vinyl compound, which makes up approximately 35% of the material used in pressing records, by recycling used cooking oil or industrial waste gases. A reduction of 100% in CO2 emissions has been reported in the production of this S-PVC portion of the compound. Efforts are being made to also remove fossil fuels from the PVA element of the compound that makes up the bulk of the remainder of the pressing material; we are hoping to be able to make more announcements on that later this year.

Our partner (along with a number of ISO certifications relating to environmental, energy and quality management systems) has also just achieved ISCC PLUS certification for this product. ISCC is a third-party certification that confirms the transparency and circularity of the supply chain for this new compound. The summation of these promising credentials makes this our preferred currently available option from a sustainability perspective.

Another vinyl granulate supplier in the UK is also offering an alternate PVC/PVA vinyl pressing compound which is made from the renewable residue of wood pulp processing, claiming to have removed all fossil fuels from the production process for this material. This compound is available at a number of plants and boasts a 90% reduction in the carbon footprint of the granulate when compared to standard vinyl compounds. As mentioned above, records pressed using this material retain the same aesthetics as records pressed on conventional compounds. Testing has found performance and audio qualities to be similar as well. This is another exciting option; however, we are awaiting 3rd party accreditation of this compound to ensure the veracity of the claims made around it and to ensure sufficient transparency in the supply chain.

With so many options currently available and on the rise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With sustainability as a priority, we are working closely with the supply chain across Europe to provide each new innovation as they become viable alternatives. We are here to help guide you through the newest advances and choose the best route to ensure your project exceeds expectations.

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