Key Production Launches New Website

New functionalities allow for a much more streamlined customer experience.

Key Production, a market leader in music manufacturing for over 30 years, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new-look website: The company decided to redesign its website to showcase the wide variety of bespoke projects and services that it both offers and has been part of over the years. Putting the customer and client in control as Key Production’s commitment goes beyond making records.

The new website has been redesigned with the user in mind. Focussing on adjusting the framework of the site to be more user friendlyThere is also an updated and revamped “buy online” section allowing the user to get a price for a product and carry that price through to a purchase. The user will be able to choose from a range of options including which vinyl finish they would like for their record, the type of sleeve they would like, and the choice of sustainable packaging and vinyl options. Users will also be able to find out more information about the vast array of services on offer in a much easier and clearer way than before.

Key Production’s marketing manager Lou Cacciatore, who spearheaded the project for the new website said: “The main reason for the update is that it has been six years since the last update and we need a refresh, but also that we needed to update the framework it was built on to be more user friendly. Analytics and information reporting was also a driving factor. Knowing what the most important pages are for our customers and to be able to respond with more relevant information on those pages too.”

On which new features she was most excited for users to discover Lou says “It’s a real mix between finding out about who we are in ‘Meet the Teams’ but also the ‘Sustainability’ pages. We also have so much more coming later in the year on sustainability and we will be expanding the knowledge base too, not to mention promotions we’ll be running, so keep popping back every now and then.”

Key Production is inviting visitors to explore the new website particularly the buy-online section but also its sustainability pages. These have now been comprehensively updated with much more information, including historical data, various guidelines, and what the customer can do to be more environmentally friendly and aware when manufacturing. There is also the new “Meet the Team” section which too has been revamped to feature video snippets of staff members showing their personality and interests. The section was one of the most popular pages of the old website reflecting the personality of the company and now Key Production’s clients will be able to find out even more about the staff members too.

Key Production has built itself on being fiercely independent answering to clients only which in turn allows them to treat their clients the way that they would want to be treated. The relationships that Key’s staff have developed with trusted suppliers have enabled Key to maintain the highest quality, value, and service for its clients. Key’s many years of experience has also led to the company shaping the knowledge base which is designed to help make the ordering process and your product the best that it can be.