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Above & Beyond "Common Ground" Vinyl Boxset

Key Production is pleased to have recently collaborated with Anjunabeats to produce a colourful masterpiece as its latest release from the electronic supergroup Above & Beyond titled Common Ground. This is the 4th studio album from the Grammy-nominated dance trio, Above & Beyond. 

The album is their first studio album since "We Are All We Need" (2015) and includes appearances from frequent collaborators Richard Bedford, Justine Suissa, and Zoë Johnston plus new guest vocalist Marty Longstaff. Common Ground charted at number three in the United States, making it the biggest US chart debut by a British electronic group and Above & Beyond's highest career charting album release to date. 

This Deluxe Boxset includes:

  • Limited Edition acrylic box with laser etched album title on the front and tracklist on the back.
  • 180g translucent vinyl in Common Ground colour Red
  • 180g translucent vinyl in Common Ground colour Blue
  • 180g translucent vinyl in Common Ground colour Green

The confetti-inspired artwork featured on the boxset was originally revealed with the release of the single "Tightrope" on the 4th of August 2017, followed by the announcement of the album title and cover at the end of the group's performance at their ABGT 250 event on the 16th of September 2017. 

“Often I still feel like the best stuff we’ve done happens when there’s three of us in the room, we’re bouncing stuff from each other. It’s funny because the album sleeve of this is kind of like a Venn diagram, which is pretty indicative of how we’re working. Some things on the album we’ve done almost alone, some things we’ve done all three of us together, and sometimes one person might start something and another might finish. And then in that way there’s a lot of going left and right.” Paavo Siljamäki, In Conversation with Above & Beyond, Clash.

Who are Above & Beyond?

Above & Beyond are an English electronic music group consisting of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. Formed in 2000, they are the owners of London-based electronic dance music labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, and also host a weekly radio show titled Group Therapy Radio. The trio has been consistently ranked among DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs Poll.

The Common Ground Boxset LP is available to buy on the official Anjuna Beats Website.

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