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Release of the Month: Lenny Kravitz Super Deluxe Box Set + Standard & Coloured Vinyl and CD

In this latest release of the month series, Key Production is proud to present our most recent collaboration with BMG from the veteran musician that is Lenny Kravitz and his new Super Deluxe Box Set. Raise Vibration contains twelve compositions. Slated for release in September, Raise Vibration features Kravitz playing most of the instruments himself, with longtime guitarist Craig Ross the only collaborator (other than string and horn players). The record promises to be one of Kravitz’s most eclectic. “Low”, the song that got the whole process started, developed into a smooth funk showcase; what Kravitz calls “my Quincy Jones school” complete with horns and a string arrangement. The title track is lean power-trio rock, while the ballad “Here to Love” features Kravitz backed only by his piano and a string section. “Johnny Cash,” inspired by an encounter with the late legend, is what Kravitz jokingly calls “psychedelic funk meets country.” The album has produced two singles thus far. "It's Enough" is a song against corporate greed, political corruption and racism. The follow-up single "Low" explores the perils of his near-mythical sensuality with intonations alluding to his past intimate relationships. 

After wrapping up his world tour three years ago, Lenny Kravitz found himself in a place he’d never been — the dreaded land of uncertainty. “I really wasn’t sure where I was going musically,” he tells Rolling Stone. “After doing this for 30 years, I wasn’t feeling it. I’d never felt that confused about what to do and it was kind of a scary place. You don’t know when it’s going to come.” “It’s about a dream I had where Johnny Cash is involved and it’s also about something that happened in my life years ago,” Kravitz says. “When you hear it, you’ll understand. When I was writing the lyrics, I didn’t understand what I was writing. But when I finished I said, ‘Oh, that’s what that’s about.’ It’s a very deep song.”

While in his house in the Bahamas, Kravitz chilled and considered his options, never venturing into the home studio he assembled there. “I know it’s there, but I’m not going in,” he recalls. Then one night, Kravitz woke up at four in the morning with a song in his head. Feeling inspired, he roused himself out of bed, went into the studio and recorded a rough version of it. Over subsequent nights, the experience repeated itself: Kravitz would awaken with a song on his brain and scramble to either write it down, go to the studio or at least hum the melody into his nearby phone before he forgot it. With that, the roots of Kravitz’s 11th studio album took shape. “I realized, ‘This is it,’” he says. “This is what I’d been waiting for, once I started that process, the floodgates opened and it all started coming out me. I dreamt the whole record.”

We worked with BMG on various formats for the Super Deluxe Box Set which include:


This album is also available on various bundles which include:





Lenny Kravitz - Low

Raise Vibration Tracklisting:

  1. We Can Get It All Together
  2. Low
  3. Who Really Are The Monsters?
  4. Raise Vibration
  5. Johnny Cash
  6. Here To Love
  7. It’s Enough
  8. 5 More Days 'Til Summer
  9. The Majesty of Love
  10. Gold Dust
  11. Ride
  12. I’ll Always Be Inside Your Soul

Lenny Kravitz Raise Vibration boxset is now available to pre-order on the Lenny Kravitz Store.

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