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Helloween "Starlight" The Noise Records Collection Boxset

Key Production is pleased to have recently collaborated with Noise Records to produce this historic masterpiece as its latest release from the influential heavy metal band Helloween titled Starlight: The Noise Records Collection Boxset. This boxset includes rarities that have been out of circulation from the Noise catalogue until now. Even though these records may have been obscure, longstanding Helloween fans can now enjoy this boxset on colour vinyl for the first time with the extra pumpkin slipmatt and poster to conclude this special release.

Who are Helloween?

Formed in Hamburg in 1984, Helloween is considered by many as the most influential heavy metal band to ever emerge from Germany. Their benchmark 1987 album "Keeper of The Seven Keys Pt.I" is the record that turned the band into local superstars after charting at 15 in their native Germany. Its 1988 follow up album "Keeper of The Seven Keys Pt.II" propelled the band to international stardom and charted in the UK, Germany and also in the USA where they grew their industry presence after touring with Iron Maiden. The band reunited with the former '87 line-up members back in 2017 and are currently headlining arenas and festivals while revisiting these classic albums in the process.

The album has been released on a number of different physical formats:

  • Helloween - LP on Red Vinyl
  • Judas - Maxi Single on Yellow Vinyl
  • Walls of Jericho - LP on Orange Vinyl
  • Keeper of the seven keys Pt.1 - LP on Purple Vinyl
  • Keeper of the seven keys Pt.2 - LP on Silver Vinyl 
  • The Best, The Rest, The Rare - Double LP on Blue/Green Vinyl. 
  • Pumpkin - Slipmat 
  • Two-sided 90cm x 60cm - Band Poster

Helloween - Starlight unboxing video


1. Helloween

Side A

1. Starlight
2. Murderer
3. Warrior

Side B

4. Victim of Fate
5. Cry for Freedom

 Walls of Jericho

Side A

1. Walls of Jericho instrumental
2. Ride the Sky
3. Reptile
4. Guardians
5. Phantoms of Death

Side B

6. Metal Invaders
7. Gorgar
8. Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
9. How Many Tears


Side A

1. Judas

Side B

2. Ride the Sky (live)

3. Guardians (live)

Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I

Side A

1. Initiation  instrumental
2. I'm Alive
3. A Little Time
4. Twilight of the Gods
5. A Tale That Wasn't Right

Side B

6. Future World
7. Halloween
8. Follow the Sign

Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II

1. Invitation instrumental
2. Eagle Fly Free
3. You Always Walk Alone 
4. Rise and Fall
5. Dr. Stein
6. We Got the Right
7. March of Time 
8. I Want Out 
9. Keeper of the Seven Keys

The Best, The Rest, The Rare

1. I Want Out
2. Dr. Stein
3. Future World
4. Judas
5. Walls of Jericho instrumental
6. Ride the Sky 
7. Halloween
8. Livin' Ain't No Crime
9. Save Us
10. Victim of Fate 
11. Savage
12. Don't Run for Cover
13. Keeper of the Seven Keys

Helloween Starlight: The Noise Records Collection Boxset is now available to order here: Store.

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