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You Me At Six "VI" CD, Coloured and Standard Vinyl, Cassette, Limited Edition 7-Inch and Signed Photograph

Key Production is proud to present our most recent collaboration with Underdog Records and Kobalt to produce VI, the latest album of English rock band, You Me at Six. Released on 5th October 2018, VI arrives after last year's "Night People", an album Max Helyer, guitarist, admits reflected a difficult and unhappy period for the band. For this album, the band had discussions with various producers, who wanted to record in locations such as Los Angeles, New York City and the south of France. The group opted to record in the UK, resulting in a number of them distinguishing interest in the project.

They made some test tracks with two different people before eventually settling on Dan Austin to complete the album. The band had worked with Austin previously as he engineered the session that resulted in their non-album single "The Swarm" in 2012. Sessions took place at VADA Studios, a residential studio in Alcester, UK. VADA Studios was chosen, as it was away from the everyday distractions of the members' lives. The band co-produced the sessions with Austin. Austin, who shared similar music tastes with the members, understood the band's direction for the album.

"When we've played this record to friends and family, the one thing they all say is, 'you sound happy again'," he explained. "We went through this patch where we weren't happy because it what happens behind closed doors, but this record is pure fun. Thirteen years of being a band and somehow this album feels so fresh - it feels like we're a brand new band again. I don't know if that's because these songs are a little bit different and we've really pushed ourselves to try and do something people wouldn't expect us to do. The music scene is very urban-focused at the moment. If you listen to this new You Me At Six album, you'll hear influences from The Weeknd, Two Door Cinema Club, Jess Glynne. It might be different, but all that's ever mattered to us great songs, great melodies and great hooks. There’s nothing crazy on this record, but there are things that I buried quite deep, in a good and bad way. I want this to be the best one. You know how every band has that ‘one’ record where they figured it out? That’s what I want for VI.” 

This Bundle Includes:

  • VI CD Album (Signed)
  • VI Vinyl LP (Signed)
  • VI Coloured Vinyl LP (Exclusive)
  • Ltd Edition 7-Inch Vinyl
  • VI Yellow Cassette
  • Exclusive Bonus 4-Track CD
  • Signed A4 Photograph

You Me At Six - 3AM 

1. Fast Forward
2. Straight To My Head
3. Back Again 
4. Miracle In The Mourning 
5. 3 AM 
6. I O U 
7. Pray For Me 
8. Predictable 
9. Danger 
10. Losing You

Bonus CD:
1. Predictable (Demo)
2. Danger (Demo)
3. Back Again (Acoustic)
4. Fast Forward (Acoustic)

*Bonus CD tracklisting may be subject to change.

You Me At Six "VI"  is now available to order on their official store You Me At Six Store.

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