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Key Production to Speak at Tileyard Education's "Design Industry Day"

Tileyard Education will be hosting their inaugural Design Day. Design plays a vital role within music and acts as a visual representation of the many talented designers and artists. Key Production will be attending and hosting a talk about Vinyl Design and how we fulfil numerous bespoke creative briefs for vinyl sleeves and music-related products. This will provide an in-depth insight into the different phases of design correlating to vinyl pressing and production we do as a company.

Tileyard London is re-known for its rich creative hub and professional community. Consequently, the visual arts maintain a necessary contribution to the beating heart of the industry, with many working out of Tileyard, responding to design briefs, and working closely with the music industry. The day will also be additional talks from some of the innovators and influencers in the design industry. 

If you would like to attend this event, you can get your tickets: here

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The Gallery, Unit 5, Tileyard London, N7 9AH

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