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Latest Releases Manufactured by Key Production Group_August Round Up

Ahmad Jamal, Ballades, 2x LP black vinyl, CD, [Harcourt Records]

At 89 years old, legendary jazz musician Ahmad Jamal has released his solo album Ballades. This vinyl includes 2x LP’s, this album is also available as a CD. Both vinyl and CD feature Jamal's piano compositions Marseille and Land of dreams and eight more of his piano solos.


Aldo, Trembling Eyelids EP, 12” black vinyl, [Full Time Hobby]

Brazilian duo Aldo have released their brand-new EP Trembling Eyelids. The brothers have made a name for themselves in the Brazilian live scene along with opening for Radiohead. They are said to release a full album in 2020. This EP features for tracks including their album titled track.


Art Of Dying, Armageddon, red vinyl, [Get a Grip Records]

Armageddon is the latest release from the band Art of Dying, this vinyl features 10 new tracks. This is the band’s first vinyl LP release and second album. This record channels dark themes with tracks No One Ever Wins and Dark Days.


Oasis, Definitely Maybe, Picture Disc +  2x LP silver vinyl 25th Anniversary, [Big Brother Recordings Ltd]

One of the UKs’ biggest bands Oasis has relaunched their debut album Definitely Maybe to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Definitely Maybe is the band’s biggest album to date, going platinum seven times in the UK and selling over 5 million copies worldwide. This limited edition set includes a picture disc and 2x silver LP’s featuring 12 tracks with hits Supersonic, Live Forever and Shakermaker.


Cat Astrophe, Lifelong Amateurism, 12” green vinyl, [Everything Sucks Music]

Lifelong Amateurism is the debut album for Cat Astrophe. This limited edition green 12” vinyl includes ten tracks, its pastel pink and blue cover represents the soft pop and “fuzzy feelings” themes of their songs.


Feeder, Tallulah Picture Disc + white vinyl, cassette, [Believe]

Feeder have released their tenth studio album Tallulah. The album comes in both a limited-edition picture disc and a heavyweight white vinyl and a pink/whiter cassette. Both formats show an eccentric cover artwork by Rugman. The album includes 12 tracks including their hit single Fear of Flying.


Hot Since 82, 8 track, 2x LP 12” vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve, [Knee Deep in Sound]

International dance music producer Hot Since 82 has released his new album 8 track. The records comes with 2x LP 12” housed in a gatefold sleeve.


Ride, This Is Not A Safe Place, green/black 2x LP vinyl, [Wichita]

This Is Not A Safe Space is the latest release for Ride, the artwork references their 1990 debut album Nowhere. The album is available in both black and green vinyl along with the gatefold cover ranging in the same colours and includes 2x LP and CD format.


Charlie Chaplin, Film Music Anthology, 2x LP black vinyl, [Le Chant Du Monde]  

Film Music Anthology includes masterpieces from the iconic and memorable actor and composer Charlie Chaplin. This album features some of the greatest hits of his cinematic career laid out in 2x black LP’s with a gatefold sleeve white cover with the Chaplin’s signature style and album title.


Various, Dreadzone Dubwiser Volume One, 2x vinyl LP Limited Edition, [Dubwiser Records]

Dreadzone Dubwiser Volume One is a new release by Dubwiser records various artists joined together to create their music for this Dub electronic style. The 2x vinyl LP is limited edition with a black and white gatefold cover.


Mike Ladouceur, Between Worlds, black vinyl, [Warp Publishing]

Between Worlds is the debut solo album for American composer Mike Ladouceur. This album features a black vinyl, the outer sleeve’s artwork was created by Ladouceur’s long-time friend Nick Andrew who created multiple paintings seen on the back cover and inner sleeve.


Jadu Heart, Melt Away, double black vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve, [VLF Records]

Melt Away is the debut album for the duo Jadu Heart, the album features a double black vinyl with a gatefold sleeve which features the masked duo. The record includes fourteen tracks showcasing their electronic and pop style.


Mark Fisher & Justin Barton, On Vanishing Land, black vinyl housed in a Gatefold Sleeve, [Flatlines]

On Vanishing Land is the first release from sublabel Flatlines, Mark Fisher and Justin Barton collaborated for this album. This record comes in a black vinyl with a gatefold sleeve, the cover photo was taken by Mark Fisher.


No Hot Ashes, Hardship Starship, pastel pink/blue vinyl LP, CD, [Modern Sky UK]

No Hot Ashes have recently released their debut album Hardship Starship including some of their pre-existing tracks. The album is available in a pastel pink/blue vinyl 3mm Spine sleeve which is a special edition for the band and a pink CD that has the same artwork cover as the vinyl release.


SEED Ensemble, Driftglass, 2x LP black, [Jazz Re:freshed]

Driftglass is a full-length album by SEED Ensemble which was formed in 2016. The album was led by composer Cassie Kinoshi, who has made a name for herself in the jazz community. The album is available in a 2x LP in black with a gatefold sleeve. The album has been shortlisted for a Mercury Prize.


Jay Som, Anak Ko, red/orange splatter vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve, [Lucky Number]

Anak Ko is the latest release by Jay Som, this is their second album, following their success of their debut album in 2017. This record is available in red/orange vinyl with a gatefold sleeve cover. The calm sunset tone in the artwork represents the dream pop theme in their songs.


Paranoid London, Various, PL, black vinyl, [Paranoid London Records]

Paranoid London have released their new album PL and have collaborated with artists such Josh Caffe Arthur Baker and more to showcase their techno styling. This record is available as a black vinyl with 3mm spine sleeve black and white cover..


Straightline, Vanishing Values, red vinyl, [Lockjaw Records]

Straightline’s 2017 album Vanishing Values has been repressed with a different artwork cover. The record comes in a red vinyl with a 3mm spine cover.


The Futureheads, Powers, magenta vinyl, [The Orchard]

The Futureheads have released their sixth studio album Powers, self-produced and recorded after almost a decade later with a new electronic guitar styling. The album is available as a magenta vinyl with a simple black 3mm spine cover.


Press Club, Late Teens, transparent/purple splatter vinyl, [Hassle]

Press Club have released their debut album Late Teens. The indie-pop record is available in a limited edition transparent and purple splatter vinyl with a simple greenery artwork printed on a 3mm spine cover.


Oscar Scheller, HTTP404, black vinyl housed in spine sleeve, CD, [Wichita Recordings]

Writer and Producer Oscar Scheller has released his latest album HTTP404. The album features eleven new pop songs co-produced by Scheller himself. The record is available as a black vinyl with a green coded (the album title) print and his image on a spine cover with an inner sleeve of all the information of each track. The CD has the same cover artwork as the vinyl and this same print is on the physical CD itself.


Tinariwen, Amadjar, 2x LP black vinyl, [Wedge]

Tinariwen’s latest release Amadjar was recorded in the camper van turned studio in southern Morocco. This album features thirteen tracks and comes with 2x LP black vinyl along with a gatefold sleeve cover with the band’s image.


Jean-Louis Murat, Mustango, 2x LP black, [Pias UK Limited]

Mustango is the 1999 release from Jean-Louis Murat. This album is available in a 2 x LP black vinyl on a gatefold sleeve featuring twelve rock style tracks with a repressed 2019 cover.


Freya Ridings, Freya Ridings, Picture Disc housed in a pvc sleeve, [Good Soldier Records]

Freya Ridings has launched her self-title debut album featuring eleven selfwritten songs by her. Listen to the through themes of pain and vulnerability that Ridings experiences on this album. This record is available as a picture disc in a pvc sleeve cover printed with Ridings image.


Press Club, Wasted Energy, transparent yellow/pink/blue splatter vinyl, [Hassle]

Press Club have released their sophomore album Wasted Energy within the same year of their debut album release. This album comes in a limited-edition transparent yellow/magenta/blues splatter vinyl complimenting the colours of the cover.

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