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Nicolas Jaar "Nymphs" Deluxe Triple LP Edition

Nymphs is the latest offering from Nicolas Jaar. This was the result of our recent collaboration with R&S Records to produce this Deluxe Triple LP Edition. This is the collection of three volumes of Nicolas Jaar's widely celebrated  Nymphs series, released individually as Nymphs INymphs II and Nymphs III  in 2015 - 2016, now available in a deluxe triple vinyl edition. This is the first time the series has been released as one compilation. Jaar composed some of these songs as far back as 2011, while he was an alumnus at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The artwork for this project was designed by David Rudnick. R&S Records have also including the long-awaited vinyl cut of 'Fight'.

This Deluxe Triple LP Edition Includes:

  • 12" Standard Black Vinyl x 3

The records have been packaged in unspined sleeves printed white on white on 185gsm reversed board. The inner sleeves and inner bags boast 3 different colours, blue, green and silver and match the vinyl labels. All held together by a white gloss sticker that needs to be ripped when opening the package.

Who is Nicolas Jaar?

Nicolas Jaar is a Chilean-American electronic composer and recording artist based in New York. Among his notable works are the albums "Space Is Only Noise" (2011), "Pomegranates" (2015) and "Sirens" (2016). He is known in the club world for his various dance 12" EPs that have been released from 2008 to 2011. Jaar is also half of the band Darkside (Psychic, 2013). In 2018, he released an album under the alias Against All Logic called 2012-2017, slated as one of the best new albums of the year.


A1. Don’t Break My Love (Providence, 2011)
A2. Why Didn’t You Save Me (Providence, 2011)
B1. The Three Sides Of Audrey (NY, 2014)
B2. No One Is Looking At U (NY, 2014)
C1. Swim (Hvar, 2013)
D1. Mistress (NY, 2013)
D2. Fight (NY, 2015)
E1. Revolver (Providence, 2011)
E2. Took Me Out (Providence, 2012)

Nicolas Jaar - Swim / Mistress 

Nicolas Jaar "Nymphs" is now available to order here: Store.

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