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Release of the Month: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes "End of Suffering" Vinyl, Deluxe CD and Flexi Disc

Key Production is pleased to announce our recent collaboration with Kobalt to produce the 3rd studio album from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

End of Suffering is the new release from the English punk rock band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes formed in 2015. The title of the album was coined after the Buddhist term for enlightenment. Fronted by Frank Carter, the band provides a forty-minute rock’n’rollercoaster of songs, ranging from soulful ballads and grunge lullabies laced through with a lacerating lyrical honesty. The album was recorded at Chapel Studios with Cam Blackwood (George Ezra/Jack Savoretti) and mixed by Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails/ Queens Of The Stone Age).

Carter describes his latest project as being the result of engaging in unflinching self-reflection for 2 years. To his admission, the 12 track release is confessional and spans moments of both great joy and profound despair. “I’ve constantly validated myself through the opinion of others,” he says. “I’ve looked to fill that void with drugs and alcohol and sex and relationships, and they’ve all fallen short. It can only come from within. We’re human: We’re very complicated, we’re extremely multifaceted. The minute you try and repress any one of those faces, that’s when the problems start. We made sure that everything’s in there, from techno and dance through to Elton John and Black Flag.” The rest of the band is made up of guitarist Dean Richardson, bassists  Tom 'Tank' Barclay and drummer Gareth Grover. The artwork prescribed for End of Suffering is vibrant and colourful featuring a mix of vivid hue tones. 

The album has been released on the following formats:

  • Cassette (Limited edition and signed, containing all 12 tracks and coming with unique inner artwork)
  • Half & half blue and red vinyl record
  • Green on clear splatter vinyl record
  • Green on clear yellow splatter vinyl record
  • White vinyl record
  • Purple haze edition vinyl record
  • Jewel case CD
  • Deluxe CD book (250 pages)
  • Flexi disc



1 - Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider
2 - Tyrant Lizard King feat. Tom Morello
3 - Heartbreaker
4 - Crowbar
5 - Love Games
6 - Anxiety
7 - Angel Wings
8 - Supervillain
9 - Latex Dreams
10 - Kitty Sucker
11 - Little Devil
12 - End Of Suffering

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes End of Suffering is now available to order here: Store

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