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World Earth Day 50th Anniversary

It is earth day today, we celebrate it’s 50th anniversary event since 1970. This year we have been through a rough time with mother earth, but as we stay in quarantine, mother nature seems to be restoring. The beautiful sunshine, stars and birds chirping. But we can still do more in taking care of our planet. Earth day is celebrated to support environmental protection

Earth Day has a different theme every year, for 2020 the theme is climate action, as we are in quarantine it will be the first time that the world will have a Digital Earth day, we will be taking our part in supporting and sharing the hashtags #EarthDay2020 and #EARTHRISE as can you. As a society and community, the world is already doing a big part by staying home in quarantine to protect others’ lives, this has given the earth to become less polluted by cars and emission causing less harm on the environment. “People all around the world are encouraged to do things to benefit the environment, from recycling and planting trees to reducing our carbon footprints.” [Standard]

Key Production has been going strong since 1990 and has always made sure sustainability was a priority in both the company and encouraging its staff to take part in their personal lives. With working with our suppliers and we aim to package responsibly and to create an environment in the office that applies to sustainability.

Our founder and CEO Karen Emanuel has always been active on this front, supporting associations such as Julie’s Bicycle from the outset, and, more recently, contributing to meetings focussing on sustainability with ERA, the BPI, BBC and AIM to share her 30 years of experience and knowledge of the subject. Karen has also been participating in panels with Music Declares Emergency and is directly addressing and encouraging our suppliers regarding measures they are taking to address the urgent necessity for a greener music industry. And gained her certificate with Carbon Literacy Project to further support our industry to becoming greener. You can read more on our aim for sustainability in our company here.

Earth day will be live streaming from today and encouraging others to join them and share their support the three-day mobilisation for the climate emergency. You can join the Earth Day Live on their website.

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