What Is Bespoke Manufacturing


Bespoke manufacturing is designing and creating a customised product on request. Here, at Key Production, our bespoke manufacturing service can provide you with guidance on a wide range of materials.

What to Consider

There are many things to consider when manufacturing bespoke creations and the success of any project depends on thorough planning.

Will it cost more than a standard product?

We will always do our best to work towards your budget, custom products can be considerably more expensive than more standard available products. The price will depend on the quantity, design complexity, the materials, the machine and tooling costs.

What is the minimum order quantity for bespoke products?
Each individual product type has a minimum order quantity for bespoke pieces. This quantity is based on a variety of factors including materials, set up costs, quantities, design and labour, meaning each minimum order quantity (MOQ) is unique. Your MOQ will be confirmed at the time of enquiry.

Points to consider for your bespoke creation

  • Budget
  • Quantity
  • Time

What is the Lead Time?

Much like the cost, the lead time is dependent on factors such as design complexity and quantity. There are many stages involved when creating a bespoke product and so it will generally take longer.

Design of bespoke creations require important research, development and prototyping to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and that your product is fit for purpose and at a price that you can afford. The creases that will inevitably appear with the development of any new creation have to be ironed out before the manufacturing and production stages take place.

Allowing sufficient time to create that bespoke product is fundamental to its success. You may not need your creation for a year or more but the tooling or materials and finishing processes you want for your creation may have lengthy production lead times! Don’t be fooled into thinking you have plenty of time.

Do get in touch to discuss your ideas sooner rather than later; it really is the key to a successful creation.

Delivery Date
This is often earlier than the product release date. Products are often delivered to distributors and they too will have delivery logistics that require additional time and consideration If your product is being delivered to several destinations around the globe, the freight logistics need to be considered.


I'm Not Sure What I Want

If you're not sure what you want then we can help. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and guide you through the process. The production and manufacturing process to produce bespoke creations is subject to so many factors. It is important that your creation is designed well and fit for purpose. Our in-house design and project management team will work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for, providing step by step guides, updates and prototypes using the best technology to ensure you get exactly what you want.