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Rave Tapes Boxset

The Rock Action Rave Tapes box set is limited to 4000 copies worldwide and it's a collaboration with one of Mogwai's favourite photographers Steve Gullick on a hardback book collection of images shot in Glasgow during the sessions for the new album.

Client Information

Rock Action Records is an independent record label based in Glasgow. It is run by the cosmic post-rock band Mogwai and formed  in 1996 by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Braithwaite, guitarist Dominic Aitchison and drummer Martin Bulloch longtime friends with the goal of creating "serious guitar music”.

Products and Services

Presented in a deluxe casebound rigid lift-off lid box, it  includes: 1 x Heavy vinyl LP • 1 x Exclusive coloured heavy vinyl 12" featuring tracks not included on the album: Bad Magician 3 & Die 1 Dislike • 1 x one sided, etched & heavy vinyl 7" featuring a track not included on the album -Tell Everybody That I Love Them • A 40 page buckram wrap 12"x12" hardback photograph book, featuring exclusive images printed on 170gsm art paper • Photographs shot by Steve Gullick during the Rave Tapes album sessions in 2013 • Three 12"x12" artwork art prints printed on 400gsm matt art paper • 1 x die cut digipack CD version of the Rave Tapes album, including interchangeable inserts. Limited coloured cassette version of the Rave Tapes album • Digital download coupon for high quality download versions of all audio included in the box.

Production Process

Consulting • Reprographics • Vinyl production • Test Pressings • Sourcing and production of the different elements of the box-set • Sampling • Printing • Shrink-wrapping • Shipping.

Printing Techniques

Printed on the coated side of 300gsm double white board + gloss UV varnish • Download card 350gsm silk art board • A 40 page hardback photograph book with silver foil blocking • 4/0 12" spined single LP jacket (including die cut 'eye' on the front cover) printed on coated side of 350gsm double white board + gloss UV varnish.

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