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This boxset includes rarities that have been out of circulation from the Noise catalogue until now. Even though these records may have been obscure, longstanding Helloween fans can now enjoy this boxset on colour vinyl for the first time with the extra pumpkin slip matt and poster to conclude this special release.

Client Information

Noise Music was a German record label founded by well-known industry figure Karl Ulrich Walterbach. Walterbach had originally started Modern Music Records in Berlin, with a two-pronged approach of promoting German-speaking punk bands (Slime, Daily Terror and Toxoplasma) and licensing American bands such as Black Flag, Misfits and The Angry Samoans. From this base he developed the Noise label in 1983, specialising in thrash metal bands such as Kreator, Tankard, Coroner and Sabbat but also successfully diverting into other genres such as power metal (Helloween), heavy metal (Running Wild) and the extreme metal of Celtic Frost The label quickly became the leading European player in its field, with Hamburg-based Helloween topping charts around the world with their Keeper Of The Seven Keys album, whilst ‘Part 2’ sold in excess of a million albums in the late Eighties. Noise was eventually acquired as part of the Modern Music Group by Sanctuary in 2001, before being purchased by BMG. Includes: Helloween, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Tankard & Running Wild.

Products and Services

Helloween - LP on Red Vinyl • Judas - Maxi Single on Yellow Vinyl • Walls of Jericho - LP on Orange Vinyl • Keeper of the seven keys Pt.1 - LP on Purple Vinyl • Keeper of the seven keys Pt.2 - LP on Silver Vinyl  • The Best, The Rest, The Rare - Double LP on Blue/Green Vinyl • Pumpkin - Slipmat  • Two-sided 90cm x 60cm - Band Poster

Production Process

Consulting • Reprographics • Vinyl production • Test pressings • Sourcing and production of the different elements of the box-set • Sampling • Printing • Shrink-wrapping • Shipping

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