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Super Furry Animals
SFA at the BBC

This latest release from the Super Furry Animals is the remastered BBC session recordings covering their emergence in 1996.

Client Information

Strangetown Records was founded by members of Super Furry Animals and of The Peth and is located both in Cardiff and in Brighton.

Products and Services

4 Disc Vinyl Box Set which includes: • Limited edition four-disc heavyweight 180g black vinyl • Foil-blocked 12” print on 200gsm black Burnano paper • Stamped black envelope in gold ink and contains Yeti fur samples captured from the stage and then individually numbered • Liner notes also feature an essay by Uncut magazine journalist, Tom Pinnock.

•  The Super Limited Edition of the boxset feaatures an extra transparent vinyl disc encased Yeti fur. 

Production Process

Consulting • Reprographics • Vinyl production • Test pressings • Sourcing and production of the different elements of the box-set • Sampling • Printing • Shrink-wrapping • Shipping

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