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Created by Key, the Texas 25 super deluxe box set features 2 CDs in a casebound book, red 12" Heavy vinyl, a silver-printed hardback bound book, compiled by lead singer Sharleen Spiteri, featuring new and never-before-seen photos of her and the band, 5 art prints and a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Sharleen.

Products and Services

Limited edition lift off lid box wrapped in 'Curious Metallic' and foil stamped in 2 colours • Beautiful 80 page casebound book cover wrapped in 'Curious Metallic' foil stamped in 2 colours and a debossed recess for sticker placement • Numbered certificate • 5 x 12" full-colour art prints on 300gsm stock • TEXAS 25 pressed on heavy red vinyl • Casebound 2CD cover wrapped in 'Curious Metallic' foil stamped in 2 colours, including regular version of TEXAS 25 plus bonus disc of classic Texas hit • Mailer carton for safe shipping.

Production Process

Consulting • Reprographics • Vinyl production • Test Pressings • Sourcing and production of the different elements of the box-set • Sampling • Print press passing • Printing • Assembly • Shrink-wrapping • Shipping.


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