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Blu-rays have a marked advantage over the compression used in streaming. Not only can they be packed with tons of extras, from commentary tracks to behind the scenes features, they can contain files at full resolution so you don’t compromise on quality.


So you think streaming has killed physical media? You don't invest in a 55", 4k screen with full surround sound and settle for the obvious compression of streaming services.

Bring your ideas
to life

Our in-house product design team generates bespoke 3D rendered images and video to show you how your product will look before going to print and allow you to pre-sell during manufacture. Our reprographics team will ensure your release is at the technical specification to print flawlessly, translating your release from digital to physical.


Standard packaging options, apart from the standard Blu-ray cases, are very similar to CD and DVD discs with choices of Digipaks as well as plastic cases.


Taking inspiration from your film, in game content and artwork, we work with you, immersing ourselves in the creative process to ensure your packaging is not only functional but has impact!

Wolfs Rain outer shipping carton

In Style

We don't just stop at packaging! Taking your distribution requirements into consideration, we design and test mailers or bespoke outers to ensure your project arrives in perfect condition.

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