Audio Cassettes are a brilliant piece of merchandise for artists and a stylish add-on to any multi-format release. Key Production offers Cassette Duplication services featuring all kinds of styles and effects. They transform this retro format into an affordable and exclusive collectable item to help boost sales of your CD or Vinyl bundle.


A classic format that’s risen from the grave. Cassettes can be a great piece of merchandise or a stylish addition to a multi-format release.


The cassette shell can be digitally printed, pad printed or we can add printed label stickers. Digital printing allows full colour UV digital print direct to the Cassette Shell in high resolution & vivid colours. A traditional pad print uses original Cassette printing equipment, although authentic, you are limited to a single colour print. Label stickers allow for colour matching across all paper parts.


With a Cassette release, the usual printed parts are the J Card inlay, the O Card (slipcase) and a Download Card. All of these printed parts are all fully customisable with the usual range of special inks, foil blocking and more.

Cassettes are always a boring monochrome right?

Printed Label

Print your design or titles in full colour on paper labels.

Printed Shell

Print your titles and artwork directly on to the cassette shell.

Translucent Shell

Choose from a range of translucent colour or clear shells.

Opaque colour

Lots of opaque colour choices available for the cassette shell.


Effects such as glitter and metallic shells are also available.

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