Love Record Stores Ecomix editions

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

About the Project

We are proud to have manufactured and partnered with Optimal Media for the ‘Rancid Rainwater Eco-Mix’ limited editions for Record Store Day 2020.

Design Process

  • Carbon offset project
  • Eco-Mix vinyl made from re-ground vinyl offcuts and rejects.
  • Inner sleeve 190gsm recycled board.
  • Spined sleeve 350gsm recycled card.
  • Plant based inks.
  • NO shrinkwrap
  • Carbon offset production and transportation certified along the records' journey.
  • Carbon offset information via QR code.
The special edition eco-mix version of Polygondwanaland.

Plastic is in our oceans, it’s in our soils, it’s in our bodies. The irony of making music that will be pressed on a giant plastic disc is not lost on me. It is a privilege and a responsibility to own this record or any other.

All seven of the special Record Store Dat eco-mix albums from King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.
Gumbot Soup Eco-Mix special edition